A peek at our week: Letter A Activities

letter A activities for letter of the week

Take a peek at our letter A activities this week!   You’ve seen my giant resource for Letter of the Week, right?  We’ve shared crafts, books, math connections, sensory play, fine motor, and more for every letter of the alphabet.  But it took us almost two years to put those resources together.  What does Letter of the Week look like in a typical week? Our youngest son just turned three…. 

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The best spelling apps for kids

very best spelling apps for kids

If you’re looking for awesome spelling apps for your beginning speller, you’re in the right place! (This post contains affiliate links.) Are you looking for an app to help your beginning speller?  You may not know where to begin.  How are you to know which of the gazillion apps is the worth your money? And, more importantly, your child’s time? Meet This Reading Mama’s Word Study Apps.  Designed by a reading specialist, they… 

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New! Winter emergent readers (Sight Word Books Set 23)

free winter emergent readers

Can you believe it’s been almost four months since I shared a new set of sight word readers? I’ve been a little busy. During that time I created and shared 24 sets of free phonics books (over 130 books total!). I also shared countless new printables, like my rhyming clip cards, syllable count clip cards, letter sound worksheets, and many more you can find on my Free Printables page. But… 

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Making Connections during Reading

making connections to help kids remember what they read

Last week, in our reading comprehension series, This Reading Mama wrote about teaching children to use their schema to understand what they read.  Everyone brings a different schema to the books they read, because schema is your background knowledge.  It’s shaped by your experiences, the people you know, and the books you’ve read. Today we’re tackling another reading comprehension strategy: making connections.  I’ll show you how to help your child… 

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Valentine’s Day Activities


Welcome to another week!  Today I’m highlighting a few of the Valentine’s Day activities that were linked up last week. This was my favorite post, and it’s definitely something I want to do this year!  Check out the wonderful way Jamie at Hands On As We Grow is showing special attention to her kids in the weeks before Valentine’s Day.  It’s a Valentine scavenger hunt!  My three boys are almost the… 

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Try this letter A art project!

A is for Apple Stamping2

Looking for a letter A art project for preschool?  Try apple stamping! (This post contains affiliate links.) Do you know the difference between crafts and process art?  The basic idea is that with crafts we expect to see a certain product. The whole class’s projects may look nearly the same.   But with process art, it’s all about the process.  We give our children specific materials, but the end result… 

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Baby & Toddler Math Activities

child playing with shape sorter

Looking for toddler math activities?  Here are some playful ways to make math fun from the very beginning. So.  Are you a math person? Did you sign up for the all the hard math courses and delight in the challenge? Maybe math was hard for you, but you struggled through it to get the grades you wanted. Or perhaps you avoided any math course beyond the minimum requirements.  Even today, you… 

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What is schema?


This Reading Mama and I are kicking off a brand new series to help your child make sense of what he reads.  Today’s strategy: Use your schema! Wait. What is schema? Sounds like teacher talk, doesn’t it? It’s actually quite simple.  When readers use their schema, they use their prior knowledge to make sense of what they are reading. Ever tried to read something that felt like a foreign language?  You probably couldn’t… 

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Check out our collection of learning fun for kids ages 5+!

after school linky

Welcome to another week of the After School Linkup!  If you’re a reader, browse through the links to find creative fun and learning ideas for kids in elementary school. If you’re a blogger, please share your ideas! Last week I chose some great parenting posts and paired them with my other favorite parenting articles. Be sure to check it out! Please remember to save your preschool posts for other link-ups and… 

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The best parenting articles to inspire and encourage

a parent holds the hand of a small child

  What kind of parenting articles do you like to read?  I always appreciate an article that teaches, inspires, or lifts me up. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite parenting posts from around the blogosphere.  You’ll laugh, cry, and be encouraged.  These are all must-reads for parents! 10 things happy moms don’t do … This article helps me slow down. 18 ways to love your kids … May I remember the little… 

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