The Dancing Raisins Experiment…with a Fun Twist

preschool science dancing raisins experiment

Looking for a fun preschool science activity to introduce the concepts of sinking and floating?  Try the dancing raisins experiment! Today we’re welcoming Curt Nelson from Make a Kidnection, where he uses stories to make science fun! What you’ll need A bottle of clear soda. (I recommend diet soda in case you make a mess like I did here! At least diet soda won’t be sticky.) A box of raisins…. 

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Free file folder game for preschoolers: Ice Cream Count & Match #1-10

ice cream file folder game

Today I’m sharing an updated version of one of my first printables!  It’s a free file folder game for preschoolers. To give my youngest son (age three) some practice with one-to-one correspondence and number recognition, I created an updated version of my ice cream game. It’s nice to be able to keep an activity in a file folder for easy storage and reference! When you click the link, you will find… 

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After School Activities for School Aged Kids

after school linky

Share your learning activities here! Please remember to save your preschool posts for other link-ups and share activities for kids in grades kindergarten and up only. Thanks so much! Co-hosted by: The Educators’ Spin On It Planet Smarty Pants Boy Mama Teacher Mama Mama Smiles Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational  The Measured Mom  This Reading Mama We’d love for you to share your School-Age Post (for kindergarten and up) about your… 

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Letter H Activities for Preschoolers

letter H activities for preschool

Today I’m sharing some fun letter H activities for preschoolers! (This post contains affiliate links.) It took us almost two years to put together our giant resource for Letter of the Week.  During that time I did a huge variety of activities with my older boys.  Now my Six is in kindergarten and a fluent reader.  My Four knows his alphabet and sounds, can read about 25 sight words, and… 

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Gumball Math!

gumball counting mats

Last week I created these colorful counting mats so my Three could do some gumball math as we learned about letter G. (This post contains affiliate links.) I created ten gumball math mats, each with a number printed on the bottom.  Then I put the matching number of gray circles inside the machine. For each mat, he read the number and counted the clear plastic counters as he placed them on the… 

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A Math Game for a Preschool Insect Theme

bugs in a jar counting game for preschool

If you’re doing a preschool insect theme, this math game is the perfect one to put in a learning center or to do at home at your kitchen table. This week I’m doing the letter “I” with my preschooler.  I decided to create a simple printable that would help him practice using a die… counting insects for the bug jar. First I printed and laminated the jar. Then I printed the… 

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How to teach kids to summarize


It’s the last post in my reading comprehension series with This Reading Mama!  Today she’s sharing a wonderful lesson on summarizing. If you’re like me, you’ve asked your child or student to summarize and heard, “I don’t know.”  Or a recitation of every single detail in the book. It can be difficult to teach kids to summarize!  That’s why you’ll love this post . It includes a free printable pack!… 

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Math games for grade 3 and up

free math games for grades 3+

Looking for math games for grade 3 and up? If you’re looking for a fun way to approach those basic math skills that your child needs to learn,  You’ll find what you’re looking for in this set of math games for grade 3 and up. 1. Play this division game inspired by the Olympics. 2. Practice multiplication facts with this Crazy Daisy math game. 3. Play a modified Go Fish with… 

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Letter G Activities for Preschool (a peek at our week!)

letter G activities for preschool

Looking for letter G activities for preschool?  You’ll love this variety! We had a lot of fun with letter G this week! My Three filled in the gumball machine with our round office stickers. He didn’t want to do the dots on the letter G, so we stopped here.  Lots of fine motor practice to peel off those stickers and get them in the right spot! This is one of… 

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Letter of the Week with a 3-year-old

how to teach the alphabet to your 3-year-old

Are you teaching letter of the week at home with your 3-year-old?  Follow along with us! If you search Pinterest, you’ll easily  find a huge variety of alphabet activities to do with preschoolers. From printable packs to sensory bins, there is no shortage of ideas! But how do you know what to try?  If the activity frustrates your child, how should you handle it? Should 3-year-olds do handwriting pages?  Lots of… 

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