Tips for using music in the classroom or homeschool (plus a new linky!)

add music to homeschool

Do you consider yourself musical?  I began piano lessons in first grade, and I still enjoy singing and playing organ for church.  But music isn't everyone's forte (oh, I'm so funny!).  That's why I'm excited to feature a post which will give you tips for using music in the classroom or in your homeschool. My Sweet Homeschool has five easy ways you can bring music into your kids' lives. … [Read more...]

Fun new rhyming app for kids!

fun new rhyming app for kids ages 4-8

Today I'm sharing a fun new app that will give kids a lot of opportunity to practice rhyming. (This post is sponsored by Nimble Minds and contains affiliate links.) Did you know that rhyming is one of those "must-have" skills for beginning readers?  Why is rhyming important? 1. It helps kids notice and work with the sounds within words. 2. Rhymes help kids experience the rhythm of … [Read more...]

Handwriting Practice for Preschoolers

7 ideas for preschool handwriting practice

Over the last year and a half, my two preschool boys have been doing a lot of handwriting practice. But it's not all worksheets. We start with concrete, hands-on ways to form their letters. I cut out small squares from my scrap booking supplies (since I have not found time to scrapbook since, oh... 2009).  Then I printed a giant letter Q (get yours HERE), and my Four filled it with … [Read more...]

Back to School Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

teacher appreciation gift ideas for back to school

If you've got kids headed back to school soon, you might be trying to find a thoughtful teacher appreciation gift to start the year.  Today I'm sharing a big collection of gift ideas sure to please! (This post contains affiliate links.) Let me start by saying that teachers don't go into their profession for gifts or even a pat on the back.  They're teachers because they care about kids, … [Read more...]

Fraction Games and More (plus a new linky!)

fractions game

Welcome to a new week!  Can you believe we're in the middle of July already? Summer is going way too fast for this mom!  Today I'm sharing some posts that caught my eye from last week's Linky.  Read on for fun fraction games and more! I'm always on the lookout for fun math games to play with my kids.  In the Playroom's post about the Fraction Formula Game has me heading to Amazon to put it … [Read more...]

Printable block letters… and over 150 ways to fill them!

printable block letters and ways to fill them

Many of you have been following along as we explore the alphabet in creative ways.  Since it takes us more than a week to do each letter, you're also passing us by.  We plan to have the entire alphabet and activities posted by mid-November.  But if you're zooming past us, I thought you might appreciate these giant block letters with ideas for filling them.  What a hands-on way to learn the … [Read more...]

Free Math Resources … and a Giveaway!

math manipulatives giveaway - the measured mom

Did you know that The Measured Mom just passed its 18-month birthday?  A bigger milestone is that we reached 10,000 fans on Facebook!  To thank all of my readers, I've got an awesome math manipulatives giveaway.  These materials were chosen with older kids in mind, but most of these can be used for preschool as well. One of my US readers will win this entire set of math manipulatives - … [Read more...]

Letter Q Crafts for Preschool

letter Q crafts

My kids and I have had so much fun creating our way through the alphabet.  Since  I have four kids who like to do arts and crafts, it's not hard to put together a big selection of crafts for each letter.  Q was a little tough, but we did manage to find four letter Q crafts for preschool. Q-Tip Painting I put some washable tempera paint into empty ice cube trays, set some sheets of large … [Read more...]

80 quick and easy real food recipes (from Conquering Your Kitchen)

easy and delicious food recipes

As our family grows, it's become quite challenging for me to stay on top of kitchen organization and meal planning.  We have frozen pizza more often than I'd like to admit!  That's why I jumped at the chance to review Conquering Your Kitchen, a wonderful new e-book from The Untrained Housewife collection. Not only does the book give valuable tips for organizing the kitchen, menu planning, and … [Read more...]

Free book of rhymes and songs for letter Q

Free letter Q book - the measured mom

When my Four was 2 1/2, he knew just a handful of letters.  Since he loved music, I decided to create these printable books of rhymes and songs to help teach him the alphabet.   It worked!  Now I'm sharing each book with you as we move through the alphabet. It's time for letter Q! Here are the rhymes and songs in the little book: Q is for Queen Pussycat, pussycat, where have you … [Read more...]