Letter R books

letter R books

Time for another letter of the week book list!  Today I’m sharing eleven letter R books.   (This post contains affiliate links.) It’s time for us to share more of our favorite books as we work to complete our letter of the week book lists – we’re almost there! Little Red Riding Hood, by James Marshall Marshall’s version of the classic fairy tales are just plain funny.  You don’t want… 

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Free letter R printable – R is for Red

free letter R printable

Today I’m sharing a free letter R printable – part of our collection of dot pages. (This post contains affiliate links.) Today I’m sharing a free letter R printable. This is great to use alongside the rest of our letter R activities.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding sensory play, math activities, crafts, and more! We like to do these with dot stickers, round magnets, pom poms, and… 

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Free numbers book for kids ages 2-5

free numbers book - the measured mom

Today I’m sharing a free interactive numbers book for kids ages 2-5.  Have fun with it! (This post contains affiliate links.) Did you know I share math ideas for each letter of the alphabet?  These don’t need to correlate with learning about a particular letter, but they’ve sparked my creativity as I work to think of new math activities to post. Recently I shared unifix cube activities for letter U.  My… 

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Newbery award books for kids (plus a new link up)


Today I’m featuring my favorite posts from last week’s After School Activities Link Up. Are you familiar with the Newbery Medal?  It’s awarded each year to the author of one the best contributions to children’s literature.  You’ll find a variety of fabulous reading material in the list of Newbery Medal winners, but it’s hard to know which books are age appropriate for your child. That’s why you’ll love this gold mine… 

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Free easy readers (phonics books, set 5)

free easy readers for short u

Today I’m sharing a set of fun and free easy readers featuring the short u sound. (This post contains affiliate links.) Tired of not being able to find books your beginning reader can actually read? I don’t know about you, but I find it frustrating when trying to find truly easy beginning books for my early reader.  We can comb those library shelves and find just one or two books… 

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Nursery rhymes and songs for letter R

Free letter R book - the measured mom

Today I’m sharing six nursery rhymes and songs for letter R in a printable mini-book for toddlers and preschoolers. When I first began this blog, my letter books felt like a secret.  They were one of the first printables I shared, but they weren’t getting much attention.  This bummed me out a little bit because they were such a hit at our house.  My then two-year-old carried them everywhere and… 

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Math activities with unifix cubes

math activities with unifix cubes

Today I’m sharing a variety of activities to help you get the most out of your unifix cubes.  (This post contains affiliate links.) We have a small set of unifix cubes that we use for all sorts of math learning.  Today I’m sharing some ways that kids ages 2-8 can learn with these colorful manipulatives! 1- Sort by color There are ten different colors in our set of unifix cubes,… 

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Fun math game for kids – Race to 20

free math game to 20

Today I’m sharing a  fun math game for kids ages 4-6! (This post contains affiliate links.) We’ve been doing a lot of math with unifix cubes lately, and this seemed like a fun one to add to the mix.  I think Race to 20 is a popular math game for three reasons. It’s simple to set up, it’s simple to play, and it provides a lot of skill practice.  My goal with… 

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Learning to write letter U

writing letter U in preschool

Read on for a variety of ways to make letter U! (This post contains affiliate links.) As we move through the alphabet, I’ve been sharing posts showing fine motor activities for each letter.  You can see links to all the letters we’ve done in this post.  It’s time for letter U! I printed a giant U and some block arrows.  Then we put them on the U, saying, “uh, uh, UP.” We made the… 

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Read short e words with these free phonics books! (set 4)

free phonics readers for short e

Today I’m sharing set four of my free phonics readers.  This set features short e words. (This post contains affiliate links.) My preschooler is really starting to catch on to short vowel words by reading my phonics readers.  I pull out the box of short a, short i, and short o books and he reads about 5-6 in one sitting.  They’re quick and colorful – but best of all, they’re… 

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