26 free beginning sound clip cards

beginning sound clip cards

Today I’m sharing another free activity for learning letter sounds. I created these bright strips as a simple way for my Four to review letter sounds. The download includes 26 strips.  I printed the pages on card stock and laminated them (with my awesome home laminator).  Then I cut the strips apart and set them out with some clothes pins. For each strip, my son clipped the picture that started… 

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How to manage screen time for kids – plus a new link up!

tech rules

If you’ve never browsed our After School Activities linky, this is a good time to start!  You’ll find such a variety of activities for after school learning, fun, creativity, and more. Last week I chose to share more than 12 free printables for teaching phonics.  This week you don’t have to print anything or get out any fancy art materials.  I just want to share some fabulous posts that require… 

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Free Letter U Printable

letter U dot sticker page

Today I’m sharing a free letter U printable: U is for umbrella! We are so, so close to being done sharing dot sticker pages.  Just R and S to go! (This post contains affiliate links.) My Two enjoys doing these pages as we talk about the new letter and its sound. “U is for umbrella.  Uh, uh, umbrella!” We like to use dot stickers to complete the pages, but any… 

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More free phonics books! (set 3)

free phonics books for kids

Today I’m sharing another set of free phonics books! Why I’ve created my phonics readers I’ve been sharing free sight word readers for quite some time. At last count, there are 88 books in my collection!   But knowing sight words is just one part of what it means to be a good reader.  Kids also need to be proficient at sounding out words. So I’ve begun creating sets of… 

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Monster Make 10 Addition Game (free)

monster make 10

Today I’m sharing a free printable make 10 addition game – with monsters! (This post contains affiliate links.)  My daughter has been working to master her addition facts this year.  Rather than sit and drill her with flash cards, I’ve been creating a variety of math games to help her with her facts.  So far I’ve shared a game for the doubles facts and one for those harder facts. This… 

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Letter U Books

letter U books

Today I’m sharing a quick list of letter U books. (This post contains affiliate links.) Have you ever tried to find books for letter U? It isn’t easy. While we like to only include the best of children’s literature in our letter of the week book lists, I had to relax my standards a little bit for the letter U list.  Kind of like with letter X. Up Above &… 

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Sensory play for letter U

u is for underground

Today I’m sharing some sensory play for letter U. (This post contains affiliate links.) We’re almost done with our alphabet exploration, and we’ve shared some sensory fun for each letter.  Some took a little time to mix up – like oobleck and play dough.  Others took a little more set up… like making an X-ray light box or a magnet sensory bin. Today’s is the easiest of all. U is for Underground Just… 

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Free letter book – songs and rhymes for letter U

Free letter U book - the measured mom

Today I’m sharing another free letter book! (This post contains affiliate links.) We’re almost done sharing our entire collection of  little letter books!  Today I’m sharing rhymes and songs for letter U. Here’s a sample page. When you print and assemble the little book, your child will have six songs and rhymes to listen to.  My now four-year-old started to learn his alphabet by listening to these books over and over… 

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Letter P Books

picture books for letter P

It’s time for another letter of the week book list!  Check out our fun list of letter P books. (This post contains affiliate links.) If you’ve been following along, you know that I share a variety of resources for each letter of the alphabet.  We do arts and crafts, learn rhymes and songs, do math activities and more.  But my favorite thing we do is create our book lists.  Because… 

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Free phonics activities! (plus a new link-up)

free phonics activities

Today I’m sharing a round up of free phonics activities – you’ll love these colorful and creative printables! I believe in a balanced approach to teaching reading.  We do a lot of sight word work, but we also focus on letters and sounding out words.  Today I’m sharing a collection of free phonics activities that are perfect for classroom centers, tutoring, or learning at home.  Enjoy! Chicka Chicka Letters Climb… 

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