Fun activities for preschoolers learning about their world

how to teach preschoolers about the world

It was just over four years ago. Our oldest three kids were 3, 2, and 7 months. I stuffed nine suitcases until each weighed exactly 50.0 lbs. We packed the triple stroller that we’d bought on Craigslist. I loaded three bags with activities to keep the kids busy on our 15-hour flight. And we headed to Hong Kong for a semester. Looking back, it’s hard to believe we did it.  That crazy… 

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Questioning: A reading strategy for kids

asking questions - a reading strategy lesson

Did you know that the process of asking questions will help your child become a better, more thoughtful reader?  Read on to learn how to teach the questioning strategy to kids. This Reading Mama and have been sharing reading comprehension strategies for kids.  I’m sure a lot of them were no surprise. 1. Using schema. Yup, we know it’s important to use our background knowledge when reading. 2. Making connections. … 

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Animals in the Ocean! (sight word books, set 25)

ocean emergent readers

Looking for printable books about animals in the ocean? You’ll love this set of four free sight word readers. It’s time for set 25 of our free sight word books! Do you know that with this set we’ve shared one hundred free books for your early reader? I can hardly believe it myself! (This post contains affiliate links.) This set of book features the sight word “down,” and correlates with lesson 29 of… 

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Math games, moon observation & more (plus a new link up)

games to play with weekly ads

Welcome to another week!  Here are some great learning ideas that were shared at last week’s link up. Have you ever thought of doing a few math lessons with the weekly grocery ads?  Sparkling Buds is sharing ten creative games with the weekly ad.  These are sure to get your child thinking!   Be sure to check it out. Are your kids as full of questions about the moon as mine are?  Build… 

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Letter D Activities for Preschool

letter D activities for preschool

Today I’m sharing a sampling of our letter D activities for preschool. (This post contains affiliate links.) It took two years to put together a giant resource of Letter of the Week activities with my oldest two boys.  Now that our oldest son (age 6) is a fluent reader and our Four is reading simple sight word books, it’s time to do a focused alphabet exploration with our youngest boy, age 3…. 

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A giant letter of the week book list!

giant letter of the week book list from A-Z

If you’re doing letter of the week with your child or students, you’ll want to share excellent literature all week long.  Check out our 26 letter of the week book lists! We love doing a variety of activities for every letter of the alphabet. But our absolute favorite is reading books that showcase each letter. Sometimes we point out the letter; sometimes we don’t.  The important thing is that we’re doing a… 

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How to make math fun for kids in grades K-2

want kids to love math grades K-2

Looking for some math fun to do at home?  Read on! (This post contains affiliate links.) Did you enjoy math in school?  Do you enjoy it now? Most children begin life with a love of math, but that often becomes squelched in early elementary school – when math may be perceived as boring or hard. But mathematics is fun. Don’t believe me? Try some of these tips at home.  You… 

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Visualizing: A reading comprehension exercise

making mental images

This Reading Mama and I have been sharing simple reading comprehension lessons you can do at home or in the classroom. Strategy 1: Using schema Strategy 2: Making connections Strategy 3: Predicting Strategy 4: Making inferences This week, This Reading Mama is showing you how to help your child make visualize mental images using poetry.  Learn more by clicking on the image – and get a free printable pack! Be sure to following along… 

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26 free games that teach short vowel sounds!

free short vowel games

If you’re looking for fun activity to help your child hear the differences among the short vowel sounds, you’ll love what I’m sharing today! I’m so excited about this newest printable, I’m almost giddy.    I just love how they turned out… and you’ll love how beautiful and simple the game is!  All you have to do is print a board and grab a die. My Four has been learning to… 

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Lots of learning ideas for kids in grades K+

after school linky

Hi everyone!  Thanks so much for stopping by to link up your great ideas for after school.  I’m sorry that I don’t have any featured posts this week.  It was a bit of a rough weekend which culminated in an emergency room visit for our 6-year-old.  We’re very thankful that he seems to be on the mend! Please remember to save your preschool posts for other link-ups and share activities… 

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