10 Books Your 2-Year-Old Will Love

best gift books for two year olds

Do you have a 2-year-old at your house?   We’ve had four of them, so I know which books resonate best with toddlers.  Check out our top ten books for 2-year-olds! (This post contains affiliate links.) If you’ve seen my book lists, you know I have a hard time keeping a list of books to a manageable number.  We make library trips almost every week, and we’re constantly finding new books… 

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Short i word slider cards – free!

These word slider cards are perfect for beginning readers! Just print the short i words and pull them out of an envelope as your child says each sound. A fun and simple phonics activity!

Have you seen my word slider cards?  These are great for helping children see how sounds blend together to make words.  Today I’m sharing a set for short i.     (This post contains affiliate links.) Sounding out words is a developmental skill that not all preschoolers (or even kindergartners) are ready for.  I put together a list of 5 things kids need before it’s time to teach them to… 

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14 Sensational Books for Letter S

sensational books for letter S

Today I’m sharing twelve fun books for letter S! Hurray!  We’re on our last letter of the week book list! Now you can find a great list of favorite picture books for every letter of the alphabet.  Whether or not you do Letter of the Week, these lists are helpful for choosing books for your next library trip or even planning birthday or Christmas gifts. On to the list! (This post contains… 

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Free Letter S Printable

free letter s printable

Today I’m sharing a free letter S printable… the last of our dot sticker pages! Hurray!  Our dot sticker pages are finally complete.  Since we’re doing the alphabet out of order (see why here), S was our last letter.  My preschooler did this simple “S is for submarine” printable to reinforce the shape and sound of the letter S. We love dot  stickers, but the challenge with using them is that… 

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7 Place Value Activities (plus a new link up)

place value activities

Today I’m sharing a round up of place value activities.  You’ll love these creative approaches to teaching this important math concept!   Check out this fun way to learn about place value with legos – from The Science Kiddo. Get out a deck of cards, some painters tape, and paper plates for this visual and hands-on way to learn about place value – from Hands On As We Grow. Learn… 

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Free Picture Cards for Learning Alphabet Sounds

10 ways to use alphabet picture cards

Today I’m sharing a giant set of free picture cards for developing vocabulary, promoting critical thinking, and learning alphabet sounds! (This post contains affiliate links.) Today I’m excited to share a project I’ve spent many hours on…  alphabet picture cards.  If you print the whole download, you get 192 bright photo cards for all kinds of early learning! I printed the pages on cardstock, laminated them, and cut them apart.  Now… 

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How to make slime

S is for Slime

We learned how to make slime!  Have you tried it? We’ve been sharing sensory fun for every letter of the alphabet, and it’s time for letter S.  I figured it was time I learned how to make slime.  And it actually worked! Slime is a very simple play recipe.  We just needed two bottles of school glue, some liquid starch, and some food coloring. My Four and Six each dumped… 

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100 family gift ideas – with something for every budget!

A holiday gift is wrapped with a golden bow.

Looking for family gift ideas? No matter your budget, we’ve got you covered! (This post contains affiliate links.) Are you looking for a single gift that will make everyone happy?  Here are some great family gift ideas!  No matter your budget or the ages of the family you’re buying for – you’re sure to find a winning gift in this collection of 100 ideas. And to make it easy for… 

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10 tips for managing sensory play

sensory play tips

Today I’m sharing ten tips for managing sensory play … so both the kids and you can enjoy the experience! (This post contains affiliate links.) So. Sensory play. Kids stick toys into play dough, play with a giant bin of rice, squeeze slime through their fingers, write with shaving cream, paint with their feet, create their own mud… ack, slow down!  How about this tip for managing sensory play?  Just don’t do… 

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8 Free silent e phonics readers

silent e books

It’s time for another set of of phonics readers!  Today’s set features silent e. (This post contains affiliate links.) I’m sharing another set of phonics readers today – this time featuring the simple silent e words.  I say “simple” because silent e has many roles.  Besides its role of changing the short vowel to a long sound, we can also find silent e in words like have or chance.   You… 

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