Books about Moms for preschoolers (guest post)

books about moms

Today is the last day in a weekly series of fabulous guest bloggers who helped me out after the birth of our baby girl.  Erica's may have been the very first blog I read when I began blogging, and I was instantly hooked.  At What Do We Do All Day, Erica shares phenomenal book lists, indoor activities for their small New York City apartment, tons of science and math fun... and so much more!  Please … [Read more...]

Sensory Play for Letter C

cloud dough and coins for letter c- the measured mom

We've been finding sensory activities for each letter of the alphabet.  Even though we're on letter C, we only have ten letters to go. That's because we're taking the alphabet out of order.  (Find out why here.)  When I began to think about sensory play for letter C, cloud dough immediately came to mind. Cloud dough is one of those play recipes that you must make because it's just too easy … [Read more...]

Teaching tips for children in different stages of writing development -

teaching tips for kids in the early stages of writing

One child scribbles on a piece of paper and proudly announces, "This is my name!"  Another preschooler writes a string of random letters and asks his mother what it says.  Still another child draws a picture of a cat and labels it with a wobbly C.  Which one of these children is writing? They all are. Just as children advance through different stages on the road to conventional reading and … [Read more...]

Phonics practice activity – spell with milk caps (free printable!)

free milk cap spelling mats for short o

When my boys need to work at spelling or sounding out words, it's important to me that I find a phonics practice activity that's both hands-on and interesting. That's why I created my first set of milk cap spelling mats for short a.  I took a break from those to create other materials for phonics practice - like my read 'n stick mats and word family houses. Today I'm back with another set of … [Read more...]

Fab Features from the After School Linky

famous buildings

Thanks so much to all of you fabulous bloggers for stopping by to link up!  You're providing such a great resource for our readers who are looking for learning activities for school-aged kids.  Here are some of my favorites from last week: Did you know it took 2000 years to build the Great Wall of China?  Learn many more fascinating facts about famous buildings-- and find a giant set of … [Read more...]

Beginning Sight Word Printables

beginning sight word printables fun

If you've been following along at The Measured Mom, you've seen a lot of ways to teach sight words.   I like to teach my preschoolers to learn the basic sight words with the fabulous preschool reading curriculum, Reading the Alphabet. I've created a giant set of free sight word readers to use right alongside it. I've also created seasonal games to review sight words- like Apple Sight Words, … [Read more...]

Books to Read for Letter C

Letter C Book List - the measured mom

One of my favorite things I do for The Measured Mom is create Letter of the Week book lists.  My kids are always excited when we go to pick up our stack of reserved books at the library.  And I love it when my Six plants herself on the couch between her brothers (ages 3 and 5) so I can have  a quiet evening of dinner prep (as long as the baby is napping and my toddler can find something to … [Read more...]

Ways to learn outside in Spring (guest post)

outdoor learning in spring

Throughout my guest post series I've been excited to share some of my favorite blogs with you.  Today I'm welcoming Ann of My Nearest and Dearest.  Ann's beautiful blog will inspire you to get outdoors and play with your children -- in any season.  Her stunning photography and simple learning activities will have you hooked!  Follow her blog right along with me!  Here's Ann... I am delighted … [Read more...]

Teach kids to sound out words with slider cards (Free!)


Looking for a simple activity that will teach kids to sound out words?  Try these free word slider cards! (This post contains affiliate links.) How do we teach kids to sound out words? I'm not talking complicated phonics here.  I'm talking about the very beginning of this skill.  How do we help kids see that the sounds /c/ /a/ /t/ combine to make the word CAT?  First of all, we need to … [Read more...]

How to model writing – Preschool and Kindergarten Writing Lessons {Week 1}


Hurray! It's the first day of a new 10-part writing series between This Reading Mama and me.  Each Wednesday we'll be taking turns sharing a new post about helping preschoolers and kindergartners learn to write.  Today you'll want to hop on over to This Reading Mama's site to read about simple ways to model writing for your child. In This Reading Mama's post you will learn: Why it's … [Read more...]