After School Activities Link up

It’s been a busy week  at our house as we prepare for Christmas, so I have no features this week.   But please do share your ideas here!  I refer to past link-ups when creating my round ups. The After School Activities link up will be taking a week off for the holidays.  Come back on January 5 to see a round up of top posts from your After School hosts! Please remember… 

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Fun Syllable Count Activity

syllable clip cards

Today I’m sharing a free syllable count activity for your preschooler.  (This post contains affiliate links.) Syllable. How would you definite it? Just yesterday I was having this conversation with my Seven.  As she said, “Well, I know what syllables are. They’re so easy! But I don’t know how to say what the word syllable means. That’s kind of hard.” She’s right, I think!  Here’s one definition: Syllable. “a unit of… 

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New phonics books! (ind, end, ent, est, itch, ink, ing & old words)

8 more free phonics books

Today I’m sharing another installment in my collection of free phonics books.  You’ll find books for ind, end, ent, est, itch, ink, ing and old words. (This post contains affiliate links.) This is set 13 of my free phonics books… out of 24 total, so stay tuned! Here’s what you need to know about my phonics books: To keep interest high, the books are bright and colorful.  I use funny clip art… 

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Teach rhyming words with this fun printable!

rhyming clip cards

If you’re looking for a way to teach your child to recognize rhyming words, try these free printable clip cards! (This post contains affiliate links.) Do you know one of the best predictors of how well a kindergartner will learn to read? It’s if he knows his nursery rhymes. Yup – those silly nonsense verses that have been around for centuries have a lot of value. If a child can… 

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Free phonics books, set 12 (and, ash, amp, ang, atch & ank words)

free phonics books from the measured mom

We’re moving right along with our free phonics books!  The last set focused on short u words with longer endings.  Today I’m sharing a set of books for short a words.  We’ll focus on these phonics patterns: and, ash, amp, ang, atch, and ank words. Let’s take a peek at one of the books. The first page of each book starts like this.  (By the way, I consider the a‘s… 

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40+ free printable Christmas games for kids

printable Christmas games

Today I’m sharing over forty free printable Christmas games! Are you in charge of a classroom Christmas party this year?  Maybe you’re looking for something to entertain the kids during a family Christmas gathering.  Either way, I’ve got you covered! Today I’m sharing over forty free and fabulous Christmas printable games for kids. Christmas Matching Games A Little Pinch of Perfect has this free Christmas memory game. Get another Christmas matching game… 

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Sensory play ideas from A to Z!

sensory play ideas from A-Z

We’ve got 26 fun sensory play ideas!   So… do you do a lot of sensory play at your house? You know, where you let your kids get messy?  On purpose? If you’re like me, you’re already cleaning up a lot of messes all day long.  This may not be something you want to add to your list.  But sensory play is good for kids on so many levels.  And… 

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New phonics books! (ush, unch, ump, ust, ung, and unk words)

free phonics books for beginning readers

Yay! It’s time for another set of new phonics books! (This post contains affiliate links.) I’ve been working like a crazy woman to get all my phonics readers done by the middle of January!  Ready for a new set? Today we’re taking a break from the long vowel patterns to work on some short vowel word families.  But these are more challenging than the short u books I shared in… 

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Scotch Laminator on a HUGE sale today!

laminator on sale

We love our Scotch Thermal Laminator, so I had to share this fantastic sale. It’s just $16.99 today! I paid about $30 for mine, so this is a real steal. Even though we already own a laminator, I’m going to purhcase some laminating pouches. They’re just 10 cents a piece when you buy a pack of 100!   (Last time I checked they were 22 cents a sheet.) Time to stock… 

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Free Short Vowel Worksheets (Stamp & Spell)

free short vowel worksheets 2

Today I’m sharing a set of free short vowel worksheets to help your child spell simple words. (This post contains affiliate links.) I use very few worksheets with my preschooler – almost none, in fact.  However, we’ve spent many months learning about short vowel words in a variety of hands-on ways.  So I created a simple set of worksheets for some beginning spelling practice. Don’t get me wrong.  I really don’t expect my four-year-old… 

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