Free games for words with bossy r

bossy r games

Looking for games to teach words with bossy r?  We’ve got five of them! (This post contains affiliate links.) Those bossy r words are tricky.  Sometimes we call them words with “r controlled vowels.”  Because when you stick an “r” after the vowel, it changes the sound. Hen… her. Sit…sir. Hug…hurt. Fox…for. Bat…barn. Here’s my newest game! How to play 1. Give each player ten counters.  We used these transparent… 

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Simple toddler activities your child will LOVE

how to get your toddler to focus

Looking for toddler activities that will keep your one or two-year-old busy for more than a minute?  Try these! So.  You have a toddler?  I’ve got one myself. Aside from the hanging-on-my-legs-crying-when-I’m-making-dinner thing, I just love having a one-year-old.  Our little girl is a busy 16-month old with a small vocabulary (mostly “yeah” and “NO!”) and lot of enthusiasm.  As the youngest of five, she has a big audience.  All of… 

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100 Would you rather questions for kids

100 free printable would you rather questions for kids

In anticipation of a veeeery long family car ride, I created this set of conversation cards … would you rather questions for kids. (This post was originally published on May 9, 2014, and has been updated to include 100 questions.) Have you ever played “Would you rather?” I love that game. Back in our single days, my sister and I took a few cross country road trips, and we played Would You… 

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Letter M activities for preschool

letter M activities for preschoolers

We’ve got a big variety of letter M activities for preschool! (This post contains affiliate links.) It took me almost two years, but I put together a giant resource for Letter of the Week. With arts and crafts, math, sensory play, fine motor, and more for every letter – it’s something you don’t want to miss! Now I’m enjoying the benefits of all that work as I pick and choose… 

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Free magnet worksheet for kids

free magnetic objects recording sheet

Today I’m sharing a free printable magnet worksheet to use when your kids test the magnetism of everyday objects. I created this simple worksheet for some science fun with my Three. Here are the objects we collected to see if they were magnetic: plastic ruler key clothespin (with metal clip) book coin scissors pencil nail spoon paper clip For each object, my Three guessed whether it was magnetic.  Then we tested… 

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Free number worksheets 1-10

hands on number worksheets

Today I’m sharing a set of hands-on number worksheets for your preschooler! (This post contains affiliate links.) So here’s the deal. I’m not big on worksheets. I home school my kids for preschool – and while we use a lot of printables, my kids do very few traditional worksheets.   I just don’t think they’re necessary. One reason we don’t do many worksheets is because the fine motor skills required for completing… 

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Bug books for beginning readers

free emergent readers about bugs

I’m sharing another set in my collection of free sight word books!  Today’s set is all about bugs. First, for all of you entomologists out there — I know that bugs and insects aren’t synonyms. Bugs are actually a kind of insect. But isn’t bugs more fun to say than insects?  It’s also a great word for early readers.  So bugs it is! These books are designed for early readers who have… 

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Free game for words with r controlled vowels

free game for teaching r controlled vowel words

Looking for a fun activity to help your child master those tricky words with r controlled vowels?  Try this free game! Now that my early reader has mastered CVC words, it’s time for the next step.  I decided to move to the next phonics pattern that’s introduced in my free phonics books: words with r- controlled vowels. These are just plain tricky!  It can be hard for new readers to… 

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Letter L Activities for Preschool

Letter L Activities for Preschool

Today I’m sharing a collection of simple letter L activities that my preschooler and I have been doing.  It’s a peek at our week! Each week I’m sharing a collection of alphabet activities that I do with my three-year-old.  Time for letter L! We read the “It Begins with L” book from Learning the Alphabet.  These are a great vocabulary builder for him. I love how he reads them.  He… 

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6 free games for teaching beginning blends

free blends games

I’m excited to share another set of low-prep games!  This time we’re reviewing the sounds of beginning blends. Have you seen my colorful follow the path board games that require only a die and playing pieces? I shared a giant set of Roll a Short Vowel games and a set of Roll a Digraph games. Today we’re working on those tricky beginning blends! How to play: 1. Print a game… 

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