Free worksheets for numbers 11-20

hands on number worksheets #11-20

Looking for free worksheets to help your child make sense of the numbers 11-20?  Here you go! (This post contains affiliate links.) Have you seen my handwriting worksheets for numbers 1-10?  That set is one of my most popular printables.  But if you’re a regular follower of this blog, you know I don’t share a lot of worksheets. It’s not that I don’t love making them! In fact, I’ve been creating… 

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Fun air pressure experiment

make your own sprinkolator

Want to do a fun and simple air pressure experiment?  You just need a few basic supplies to make this sprink-o-lator! Today we’re welcoming back Curt Nelson from Make a Kidnection, where he uses stories to make science fun! The experiment The balloon in a bottle experiment demonstrates the strength of the air pressure all around us. Because we’re so used to the air pressure pressing on our bodies, we… 

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Food emergent readers

food emergent readers

It’s another installment in our collection of free emergent readers! We love adding to our giant collection, and we hope you enjoy this set of food emergent readers. It’s been a long time since I started sharing our free sight word books!  Over the past several years I’ve shared over 120 free little books for you to download and print. I even compiled the first 108 books into just a few… 

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30+ books for an apple theme

30 books about apples

Looking for books to read as you do an apple theme with kids in preschool or kindergarten?  These are the very best! Not long ago, I shared a giant Fall theme pack with resources for teaching about leaves, pumpkins and apples.  This book list is included as a reference in the back of the pack.  Read on for reviews of each title! Apple Farmer Annie, by Monica Wellington There are so many… 

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Free five senses emergent readers

five senses emergent readers

It’s time for another set of Color Me Readers!  We hope you enjoy these five senses emergent readers.   My goals for Color Me Readers To teach basic concepts of print how to hold a book and turn pages how to read read from left to right how to use voice to print matching (one word from my mouth equals one word on the page). To have fun with a basic… 

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Free sorting mats for learning consonant sounds

consonant sounds sorting mats

Help your child master beginning consonant sounds with these colorful sorting mats! (This post contains affiliate links.) As part of our All About Me theme pack, I created these fun sorting mats.  Today I’m sharing them for free! Each mat has a little girl holding a featured letter. Your child needs to find the pictures that start with that consonant and place them on the board. Lately the theme for… 

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Free human body worksheet for kids

Free measuring activity for preschool and kindergarten

Looking for a human body worksheet?  Try this one! I recently shared our All About Me theme pack, which has ideas for learning about emotions, the five senses, and the human body.  Part of that pack is the printable I’m sharing today – for free! As I drove my Five home from morning kindergarten, I told him I had a short learning activity for him to do before he could play with… 

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Long a spelling patterns – free printable game!

free train game spelling game

Check out the newest addition to my collection of free spelling games.  It’s the Train Game! Perfect for reviewing long a spelling patterns. (This post contains affiliate links.) This game is unlike other spelling games — your child won’t actually be writing or even spelling long a words.  Instead, he’ll be reading them and analyzing their patterns.  Because winning this game depends entirely on the roll of the die, your child… 

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Books about the five senses

giant book list for 5 senses

Are you doing a unit about the five senses?   You’ll love this list of books to read alongside your activities! (This post contains affiliate links.) Welcome to a gigantic book list for the five senses!  I’ll start by sharing some books that tell about the five senses all at once.  Then I’ll share both fiction and nonfiction titles for exploring each sense one by one. Cold, Crunchy, Colorful: Using… 

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New! Pumpkin, Leaf, and Apple Theme Pack!

Fall theme cover image

Looking for ideas for a pumpkin, leaf, or apple theme for preschoolers and kindergartners?  This giant set of Fall activities is just what you need! A goal of mine is to create a giant resource of themed packs for parents and teachers of children in preschool and kindergarten.  This Fall Theme Pack was so much fun to create!  Just check out all the goodness in this 250-page packet! One of the very best… 

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