Gifts for teachers…what to buy and what to avoid

gifts teachers don't want

Looking for gifts for teachers?  Here’s what NOT to get… plus some gifts that teachers love.   (This post was originally published on July 15, 2014.  It contains affiliate links.) Let me start by saying that teachers don’t go into their profession for gifts or even a pat on the back.  They’re teachers because they care about kids, they love watching children learn, and they want to help your child accomplish great things…. 

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Free i-e games for beginning readers

i-e follow the path games

These i-e games are easy to prepare and play! Recently I shared a simple printable that helped my Five learn to read i-e words.  We built on that knowledge with these follow the path games. The download comes with three separate games. Print one, and get out a die and playing pieces. We like to use these transparent counters because they fit perfectly on the game board’s circles. Simply take turns… 

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Teaching kids to read i-e words

fold and read i-e words

This quick, low prep activity helped my kindergartner master i-e words! After our success with our a-e fold and read cards, I knew we needed a set for the i-e words. This simple reading activity is one of my kindergartner’s favorites. You will love how quick and low prep this is!  Just print the pages front to back. Then cut out the individual words. Your child should read the short i word…. 

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Free community helpers activity for beginning readers

community helper pocket chart sentences

Today I’m sharing a community helpers activity featuring the pocket chart. (This post contains affiliate links.) After reading a gazillion books about community helpers, my Three and I have been doing some of the activities from my Community Helpers Theme pack.  I love doing these pocket chart sentences with him, because he learns so much! Print goes from left to right. We leave spaces between words. We say one word… 

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100 family gift ideas – with something for every budget!

100 whole family gifts for every budget square image

Looking for family gift ideas? No matter your budget, we’ve got you covered! (This post contains affiliate links.) Are you looking for a single gift that will make everyone happy?  Here are some great family gift ideas!  No matter your budget or the ages of the family you’re buying for – you’re sure to find a winning gift in this collection of 100 ideas. And to make it easy for… 

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Free sorting mats for community workers

free community helper sorting mats

Looking for a fun learning center that will help your students think about community workers? Try these free sorting mats! (This post contains affiliate links.) Recently I released a community helpers theme pack.  Included in that pack is a giant set of community helper sorting mats. Today I’m sharing a free sample! Your download comes with four sorting mats and six pictures for each mat. How to assemble 1. Print the… 

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Letter V Activities for preschool

letter V activities for preschool

Today I’m sharing a variety of Letter V activities for preschoolers.  We hope you get a chance to try some! (This post contains affiliate links.) My Three loves doing “activities” with me, and letter of the week activities are at the top of our list! After months of doing alphabet activities, he knows all his letters and most of their sounds.  But we still do these letter recognition activities for… 

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100+ community helper books

100+ books about community helpers

Looking for community helper books?  This is a very comprehensive list! (This book contains affiliate links.) Recently I released a community helpers theme pack for preschool and kindergarten. It’s over 280 pages of community helper activities and printable books!  My preschooler and I read book after book together as I put together this giant list of recommended reads. If you’re looking for a specific helper, just scroll down until you find… 

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10 Free short a & a-e worksheets

free short a and a-e worksheets

Looking for a-e worksheets to help your beginning reader or speller?  Try these! Do you have a child or student who can’t seem to get the difference between short a and a-e words?  Does he read snake as snack?  Or plane as plan?  Maybe it’s a guessing game – sometimes he gets it right, and other times he doesn’t. The key to mastering the silent e (sometimes called “magic e”)… 

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Free no-prep games for teaching short a and a-e words

no prep a a-e games

It’s another set of no-prep reading games!  This time we focus on short a and a-e words. This post contains affiliate links. My Five is really getting the hang of silent e!  I created our last game  for a-e words.  It’s one of our favorites – Four in a Row. Why we love Four in a Row reading games They’re quick. They’re fun. They pack in a lot of learning…. 

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