It’s a double giveaway!

book giveaway

I love hosting giveaways to celebrate blog milestones!  This week we’re celebrating 15,000 e-mail subscribers. Are you a subscriber yet? Each week I send one or two e-mails highlighting new lessons and freebies on the blog, plus links to exclusive content. Sign up HERE to get my free newsletter! This month I’m giving away five of my favorite children’s book – in hardcover.  These are books you won’t mind reading again… 

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26 low-prep fine motor activities from A-Z

26 simple and easy to prepare fine motor activities

Fine motor activities are so important to strengthen little hands before they’re ready to do all the writing that’s waiting for them in kindergarten and beyond. Try some of these simple, low-prep activities! (This post contains affiliate links.) For years, I’ve seen fun fine motor activities all over the Internet.  Truthfully, we didn’t take time to do many of them.  My three oldest kids seemed to have strong fine motor… 

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10 free beginning sounds games

low prep sounds game

You’re going to love this second set of games in the Print and Play summer series This Reading Mama and I are sharing! This set of games is perfect for kids learning or reviewing beginning sounds.  Your child can play the game independently or with another player.  The best part is that you need no color link and NO PREP.  Just grab your supplies, print, and play! Find the ten free beginning… 

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Free shape game for K-2

free shape game for kids in K-2

Looking for a shape game to help your child remember the basic shapes?  Try this one! Today’s game is the first of a new series between This Reading Mama and me!  We’re sharing a 6-week summer series for kids entering kindergarten through second grade.  I’m using these games with both my Five and my Six, who are headed off to kindergarten and first grade in the fall.  Sometimes their big sister (an… 

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Free printable games for K-2: Just Print & Play!

print and play low pre learning games

Today I’m excited to announce the start of a new series!  This Reading Mama and I are teaming up again to bring you thoughtful, unique learning activities that you can do with your child at home or with your students at school. Have you seen our other series? Preschool and Kindergarten Writing Series Simple Writing Lessons for the Primary Grades Reading Comprehension Strategies It’s summer, so we’re keeping this series… 

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Healthy preschool snack ideas from A-Z

healthy preschool snack ideas from A-Z

If you’re looking for healthy preschool snack ideas for your preschooler, read on.  We’ve got them from A-Z! (This post contains affiliate links.) Whether you’re just looking to get away from packaged, processed food, or simply want some new preschool snack ideas to liven up your routine, we’ve got a great list for you!  And I’ve listed them alphabetically if you’re on the lookout for letter of the week snacks. A… 

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Free long a game for beginning readers and spellers

free long a activity a memory game for kids

Today I’m sharing a free long a game. It’s perfect for kids learning to read or spell words with ai, ay, and a-consonant-e. This summer, I’ve been doing learning time with each of our big kids (ages 3, 5, 6, and 8) five days a week.  By building it into our days it’s actually getting done – most of the time! Of course, it also helps that I’ve created a… 

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The best science experiments for preschoolers

best preschool science experiments from A-Z

Looking for science experiments for preschoolers that are are sure to keep your child’s interest?  We’ve found the best of the best – from A to Z! Preschoolers have a natural fascination for the world.  It’s a fabulous time to soak up science experiments!  Here some of the best from the blogosphere. A – Apple rotting experiment – What will happen to an apple when it’s left to sit in… 

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Letter P activities for preschool

Letter P Activities for Preschool

Looking for letter P activities?  My three-year-old loved these! I’ve been taking my 3-year-old through an alphabet journey with a variety of playful, hands-on activities each week.  Check out the fun we had with letter P! We started the week with a fine motor sensory activity: Mr. Potato head parts in play dough.  Rolling the play dough into balls is very difficult for my Three (to the point that he… 

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Teach word families with word family houses!

35 short vowel word family houses

Looking for a hands-on printable for teaching word families?  Check out our word family houses! (This post contains affiliate links.) My word family houses were one of my very first printables here at The Measured Mom®. These little gems are wonderful for helping new readers crack the code of sounding out words! If you’re teaching a new reader to sound out words, I highly recommend using word families instead of… 

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