11 Crafts for Preschool: The Letter L

Here’s a list of 11 crafts for preschool — all featuring the letter L.  Of course you don’t need to do more than a couple of projects to teach a letter — but I love to provide a big resource of craft ideas for you.  Thankfully, my kids enjoy making them!  And since I have three kids doing the crafts, they can pick and choose which ones they want to do.

11 #preschool #crafts for #letter L - the measured mom

1- Hand & Footprint Lobster

Letter L Craft (1) - the measured mom

This was my favorite, and the kids’ too.  They loved stepping into the red paint and making a footprint.  Then they carefully made two handprints for the lobster claws.  The next day they took out their black markers and decorated.  This idea was from Crafty-Crafted.

2- L is for Ladder

Letter L Craft (2) - the measured mom

Sometimes the best letter craft is short and sweet.  The kids glued a giant letter L to paper and drew a ladder.  The basic idea is from No Time for Flashcards (check her site for a different way to do the project).

3- Sticky Lamb

Letter L Craft (3) - the measured mom

My 15-month old doesn’t have any concept of letters yet, but he is big enough to start doing very basic crafts.  I loved this idea from B-Inspired Mama.  I just taped some sticky contact paper onto the window, drew a lamb with a Sharpie, and gave my Five the bag of cotton balls.  She gave them to her little brother one by one.

4-  Lemon Print “L”

Letter L Craft (4) - the measured mom 

I bought a few lemons, cut them in half, and gave the kids white paper.  They loved printing with lemons.  The next day we cut the papers into giant letter L’s.

5- Ladybugs Climbing an “L”

Letter L Craft (5) - the measured mom

I used my circle cutter  (love that thing!) to prepare a stack of red circles for the kids.  After gluing down green rectangles to make an L, they glued down the circles and decorated them to resemble ladybugs.  It was tempting to just display my Five’s project in this post, but you should see that the kids don’t always “get into” each project.  They might be tired, disinterested, or just having a bad day.  My Four really enjoyed it, but then near the end he decided to start scribbling out his ladybugs.  I am tempted to get very frustrated by this sort of thing (and sometimes I do :(), but it’s important for me to just let go.   Remember that the crafts should not be about the finished product but about the kids enjoying the process and learning along the way.

6- Fuzzy Lamb

Letter L Craft (6) - the measured mom

As for creativity, this craft didn’t allow much room for it, but the kids love cotton balls.  They used up almost a whole bag among the three of them.  I got the idea and pattern from Making Learning Fun.

7 – Lego Prints

letter L craft legos

The kids dipped legos into paint and made prints on paper.  The legos were very easy to clean up — I just rinsed off the washable paint and set them out to dry.

8- Lion Face Pasta Craft

Letter L Craft (9) - the measured mom

Okay, could you have guessed what this was without the title?  My husband couldn’t tell it was a lion.  I guess it does kind of look like a bear with a mane.  Oh, well — the kids enjoyed it!  We got the directions from Kiboomu Kids Crafts.

9- Laundry on a Line

Letter L Craft (8) - the measured mom

I was surprised by how much all the kids had fun with this one.  Perhaps because they were dreaming of the day when it will finally be warm enough to hang out our clothes?  It’s been a loooong winter and a dreary spring!   The idea is from Preschool Crafts for Kids.

10-Handprint Lion

Letter L Craft (10) - the measured mom

We made the handprints on the first day and set them out to dry.  When we returned to the craft the next day, my Five didn’t want to finish.  “The strips are too long. It’s not pretty. It won’t look like a lion.”  This did not deter my boys, however, and they had fun adding manes to their handprints… although I’m not quite sure what my Two was doing.  Putting the strips in a circle was a little hard for him.  For me to step in would have been to do it for him, so he did it his own way.  Sometimes that produces the cutest effect. :) The idea is from Sweet and Lovely Crafts.

11 – Painted Lollipop

Letter L craft (11)

If you’re looking for a very neat way to do a painting project, this one’s for you.  I set out the poster board ovals, squirted on some paint, and covered them with plastic wrap. The kids enjoyed squishing around the paint.  For more about this craft, visit The Happy Teapot.

For many more learning ideas for Letter L, click on the image below!

Letter L Activities - the measured mom



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      • annageig says

        Sorry, Dollie – you got a reply intended for someone else. Thanks for stopping by – it’s fun to have kids of different ages and see how their abilities grow.

  1. says

    Love all of the letter L crafts (especially the lobster and the Lego prints)! Thank you for linking up this week to the Hearts for Home Blog Hop :-)

    • annageig says

      I’m a little late in my reply, Michele – sorry about that! I just wanted to give you a BIG thanks for sharing anything on my blog with other teachers – the more my blog readership grows, the more I can offer!

  2. Marlena says

    Girl – I am just getting ‘serious’ about teaching Elijah the letters in his name and your Alphabet ideas are perfect. THANK YOU!!

    • Anna Geiger says

      Hello, Marlena! So nice to see you popping up here :) So glad I’ve got things you can use — how old is Elijah now?

  3. says

    Love your ideas! I’m teaching a co-op group tomorrow and I think we are going to try painting with legos. I love how you show how different ages complete the task.

    Seriously I can’t believe it took me this long to find your site. I look forward to learning a lot from you!

  4. Heather says

    So thrilled to have stumbled on your website! I love seeing that my two and four year old can work on similar projects with varying degrees of detail. So excited to peruse through your site!

    • Anna Geiger says

      Yes, it is fun to have kids of different ages work together and come up with different results! Kind of like a multi-age classroom right at home :)

  5. Becky says

    I love your website and all its resources- thank you for making them available for free so I can teach my girls at home. My girls loved the laundry on the line activity- I’m not at all artistic, so I used paper doll clothes coloring sheets- easy peasy!

    • Anna Geiger says

      I’m so glad my resources are helping you teach your girls, Becky! I hear you on not being artistic… that would sure be handy. :)

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