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Today I have the pleasure of reviewing a giant resource for families looking to slow down and cherish their time together during the busy days before Christmas.  This e-book, Christmas Crafts for Kids, is by the talented Beth Gorden of the homeschooling website 123homeschool4me.

Christmas Crafts for Kids - the measured mom

I have to admit that as the Christmas season approaches, I’m concerned.  Keeping it together with four small kids (6,5,3,1) and thinking about filling the freezer with meals before our baby comes in January — not to mention staying on top of my blog and buying Christmas gifts… How will I have time to do even more?
That’s the beauty of Christmas Crafts for Kids.  It’s done all the planning for me so that we can have lots of meaningful family time together this Advent season.
You’ll find 24 days of creative ideas.
1) Each day starts with a book.

christmas book collage

You’ll find a variety of book themes. Many are Christian, some are are secular, and a few are Santa Clause-related. If Santa isn’t your family’s thing (we don’t do Santa at our house), no worries. Each day contains  an alternate book choice so that there are about fifty books in all!
2. Each day shares a variety of craft ideas. 
christmas crafts for kids (2) - the measured mom
You’ll find a ton of creative craft ideas in this e-book!  Here’s a simple one for your toddler – but you’ll find crafts for kids all the way up to age 12.
3. Looking for Christmas cookie recipes? You’ll find those here – and a whole lot more.
christmas crafts for kids (3) - the measured mom
I love this idea! Have a Christmas tea party with your kids.  The book links to recipes for everything pictured.
You’ll find many other recipes, too – many are sugary (which means this mom can’t have too many of them around), but a handful are healthy – like the Fruity Christmas Tree Snack and Grinch Salad.

4. You’ll also find a ton of suggestions for family activities. 

a) 50 ways to use Elf on the Shelf
b) Ways to show love in action with your kids
c)  DIY gifts that kids can make
d) A list of family Christmas movies (with age recommendations)
e) Christmas Eve traditions for families
and lots more! 

Looking for ways to slow down and enjoy your family this December?  Buy Christmas Crafts for Kids!  Be sure to enter my giveaway too — if you win, Beth will refund your purchase!

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