5 Bedtime Stories for Preschoolers

Today I am pleased to welcome guest poster Maria Hughes, who will  be sharing five bedtime stories for preschoolers.  Most of these are new to me — it’s time for another library trip!

5-bedtime-stories-for-preschoolers---the-measured-mom (This post contains affiliate links.)

Reading holds an important place in a child’s life. Many emotional and educational benefits come from reading to your children.

Incorporating reading into your children’s bedtime routine is a great way to get them interested in reading at a young age!  Here are five great bedtime stories for preschoolers that every child will love.

polar bear night

Polar Bear Night

Written by Lauren Thompson, this sweet nighttime story will entertain and educate children. The book follows a polar bear on a moonlit journey, introducing readers to arctic inhabitants. The short, rhyming words and beautiful illustrations are just enough to keep energetic children engaged.

russell the sheep

Russell the Sheep

All of the sheep are ready for sleep, but not Russell the sheep who is a little out of sync with the flock. Children will laugh over Russell’s attempts to get tired enough to fall asleep, until finally he does. Rob Scotton created this funny bedtime story perfect for the preschool age.

rabbit & robot

Rabbit & Robot: The Sleepover

In this nighttime story, Rabbit has the perfect sleepover planned — but once Robot arrives, things don’t go how he imagined. Rabbit doesn’t understand why Robot likes nuts and bolts on his pizza, or why he has messages printing out from his head during their game. Despite their differences, Rabbit and Robot form an unbreakable friendship in Cece Bell’s story.

bedtime kiss for chester

A Bedtime Kiss for Chester Raccoon

This sweet story by Audrey Penn will quickly become a classic in any household. Poor Chester gets frightened by the shadows on his walls and can’t fall asleep. His fears are eventually calmed but only after the hilarious illustrations that ensue from the shadows. Children will love Chester and his funny shadow shapes.

bedtime for mommy

Bedtime for Mommy

Amy Rosenthal’s bedtime story has mommy (and dad) not wanting to go to bed and it is the little girl’s job to convince them to sleep. The little girl indulges some of mommy’s procrastination by reading her one more story, then another, in this reversal of the traditional bedtime routine.


These five bedtime stories will get your collection off to a great start! Adding in fun stories that keep your kids’ attention will have them excited for bedtime.

maria hughes 150
Maria Hughes is a children’s book enthusiast, parent, and online publisher for childrensbookstore.com. She enjoys blogging about reading and short bedtime stories for kids.

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  1. says

    I haven’t heard of any of these, but they all look great. I can imagine kids would want every single one of them read again and again and again and again. . . Well, you get the picture 😉

    • Anna Geiger says

      Actually I still haven’t read most of these myself, as they were by my guest poster. Thanks for reminding me, Tonja- I’m off to reserve them at the library!


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