7 Fun Crafts for the Letter I

the measured mom - letter I craft ideas

Finding fun crafts for the letter was a little tougher than some other letters, but thanks to Pinterest we found some winners!

Foam Igloo Mosaic

igloo craft

Of course you could use paper for this, but to mix it up I cut out some square foam pieces for the boys, and they had fun gluing them to the igloo frame that I drew on their papers.  To make it more challenging, older kids could draw the frame and cut out the squares.  This would be a nice beginning craft for your toddler if you were right there to put down the glue.  We found find the original idea over at Kiboomu Kids Crafts.

Inchworm on Grass Printing

inchworm on grass

Could you have guessed what this was without the title? Did you figure out how we made the grass? I love this idea from Teach Preschool.  We dipped plastic forks in tempera paint to make the grass printing.  When it was dry we glued on the construction paper inchworms.  Over at Teach Preschool, they put the worm down first. I think that would be the better way to go.  All three of my big kids (2,4,5) loved this one.

I is for Insect Collage

insect collage3Aren’t these great? Save your old sticker books! That’s where we got the bright insect photographs for this activity.  (This is the book.)  I gave the kids a copy of a giant letter I.  We found insects in our old sticker book, cut them out (okay, I cut them out), and the kids glued them.  Then we cut around the I’s and glued them to construction paper for contrast.

Toilet Paper Tube Inchworm

toilet paper tube inchwormFor each inchworm you will need two toilet paper tubes.  My boys enjoyed coloring the tubes and watching me assemble their bugs.  A cute craft — but one where Mom had to do most of the work because it required careful use of a stapler.  You can find very clear instructions over at Homeschool Creations.

Indian Corn Button Craft

indian corn craft

I saw a lot of Indian corn crafts, but we decided on this one.  I don’t sew much (okay, I don’t sew at all), so I get my buttons from Michaels.  These were from a decent sized box of all different shapes and sizes for around $5.  I got the idea and pattern from All Kids Network.

Giant Ice Cream Cones

ice cream craftOf course you can’t do Letter “I” crafts without ice cream!  I cut out the cones and circles for the kids. We really need a nice big circle punch.  (And I really need to make them do some more of their own cutting.)  You can see that my Four really wanted to use all his paper circles and extended his paper so that he could.  The best part for the kids was adding glue and putting on the sprinkles. And the hardest part for me was getting the kids to not pick off the sprinkles for a snack.  I saw a similar idea over at iCreate.

I is for Iguana

iguana craft

I gave my Two and Four the pieces for the “I”, and they glued them down to make the letter.  Then I gave them all the other pieces to make the iguana.  This kind of craft is great to reinforce the name of the letter and its sound.  The idea is from SimplyHood.

For many more fun learning ideas for the letter I, click on the image below!

Letter I Activities - the measured mom



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  1. Debbie @ http://kidsbibledebjackson.blogspot.com/ says

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas at Teach Beside Me! Pinned it to use later!

  2. Kelly at Little Wonders' Days says

    What fun crafts! I especially love the insect collage. Thanks for sharing at the After School Link Up.

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