Fairy Tale Emergent Readers

Have you been following along as I teach my two boys to read?  We’re taking it at an easy pace and adjusting it to what they’re able to do — using the fabulous Reading the Alphabet, a reading curriculum from This Reading Mama.  This week we added a new sight word: look.  Check out our fairy tale emergent readers!

fairy-tale-emergent-readers---the-measured-mom (This post contains affiliate links.)

We started the week by doing segments of This Reading Mama’s Lesson 5.  I printed her sentences which focus on the letter C and introduce a new sight word (look).  The boys took turns reading the pocket chart with a pointer.


If you don’t have a pocket chart, I strongly recommend getting one!  They are so useful for teaching early readers and writers!

My Three has surprised me by learning right along side his older brother (almost five).  However, on our fifth sight word he reached his limit.  He did not want to attempt the word “look” and gave up quickly.  This tells me that we can work on the words I’ve already introduced in a fun way – without pressure.  Time will tell how much he participates in future lessons.

fairy-tale-emergent-readers-(4)---the-measured-mom With the focus on playful and fun, we played this game: Slap the Sight Word.  This is a fitting name, as he calls a fly swatter a “fly slapper.” :)  He loved this and enjoyed slapping the words as I called them.  Later I had him read the words as he slapped.  He could not read “look” and “see” with consistency, so I focused on the beginning letters as a clue.

fairy-tale-emergent-readers-(6)---the-measured-momBeginning sounds are something my Three is just beginning to master, and it’s quite challenging for him to name the letter that starts a word, even after identifying the beginning sound.  So I was thrilled to find this brilliant game in Lesson 5 of Reading the Alphabet!

I printed the road sign and the car from This Reading Mama’s lesson.  Then I made the milk bottle letters.

After making lots of ugly milk cap letters, I am so proud of how these turned out!  All I can say is: Mod Podge.  Where have you been all my life?

We took out the laminated pictures we’d saved from previous lessons, mixed them up, and placed them one by one on the road sign. My Three worked at figuring out the beginning letters and put on the matching wheels.  He had the attention span for ten pictures.

fairy-tale-emergent-readers-(7)---the-measured-mom We took our sight words outside, and I had my kids play a game I call “Sight Word Snatch.”  I wrote the words on cards.  The first player snatched a card from me, read it aloud, and then moved to another tree — where his brother snatched the card from him, read it, and headed back to me — where he snatched a new sight word.

fairy-tale-emergent-readers-(8)---the-measured-momWe varied the way that the boys moved from tree to tree: here my Three is taking giant steps. However this tested the patience of the brother who was waiting – so next time I think I’ll just have them snatch and run!


As always, to supplement This Reading Mama’s curriculum, I created a set of four themed sight word readers.  These fairy tale emergent readers all focus on the word look as well as the other words we’ve learned: a, the, I, and see.

jack and beanstalk snip

This is a sample page from “Jack and the Beanstalk.”  All the books follow this pattern.  You can see that “a” and “the” are both used, so rather than be a book that your child can recite without looking at the words, he’ll need to pay close attention to what’s on the page.

fairy-tale-emergent-readers-(3)---the-measured-momFor the first time, my Three was overwhelmed with my newest emergent readers and actually would not read “look” or “see.”  This tells me I’m going to back way off. I’ll read the books to him and invite him to read along.  We are certainly not in any rush!  My Four (pictured) enjoyed the books and was challenged by my emergent readers for the first time.  Since I began creating these books for him, that’s a good sign. :)


Even though my emergent readers focus on sight words (as well as meaning, concepts of print, picture cues, and more), that doesn’ t mean that I don’t call attention to phonics when appropriate.  When I know that phonics will help my Four – and it’s something he can do – I encourage him to use it.  The above picture is a transcript of what it sounded like when he read this page for the first time.


Here’s another example of calling phonics knowledge into play.

Assemble the books this way:

    • Print pages 2-9 front to back (page 1 is my Terms of Use).  Print in color or grayscale.
    • Cut across the horizontal center of each page.
    • Insert one set of pages into the other, paying attention to the page numbers.
    • Staple with a  long-armed stapler.

In the download you will receive

Hansel and Gretel
Jack and the Beanstalk
The Gingerbread Man
Little Red Riding Hood

I love creating these emergent readers and sharing them with you! I think there’s a real need for free emergent readers for parents and early childhood teachers – so I’m thrilled to be filling a void.  Please keep in mind, however, that there it takes considerable time and expense to create my printables.  Please adhere to my Terms of Use.

Get your free books HERE.

need help downloading

How to assemble:

(for a video tutorial, see this page)

      • Print pages 2-9 front to back (page 1 is my Terms of Use).  Print in color or grayscale.  
      • Cut across the horizontal center of each page.
      • Insert one set of pages into the other, paying attention to the page numbers.
      • Staple with a  long-armed stapler.

Check out the rest of our collection! free printable sight word readers 80+

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  1. Jill B. says

    Thank you for making these! I am going to be teaching reading through the alphabet to 2 of my 4 children starting this fall. So I have been busy printing, cutting, laminating, adding a few things of my own, and organizing. So, when I came across your readers I was very excited to add them to my binder and lesson plans. I get excited every time I see you post a new set. I also say a selfish little prayer that you will continue using every week of reading through the alphabet and make a set of readers to go with each lesson! So, again thank you and I am excited to start using them in the fall.

    • Anna Geiger says

      So glad to hear that you’re going to use them, Jill! I just love making these and have every intention of making a complete set — Lord willing :)

  2. Nicole says

    Thank you for all your emergent readers! It is so hard to find true “beginning reader” books. These are perfect (and so cute too!).

  3. Debbie @ http://kidsbibledebjackson.blogspot.com/ says

    Love these! Pinned it! Thanks for sharing at All Our Days!

  4. says

    I found your site through 1+1+1=1 and I am so glad that I did. My little one is only 10 months but I want to be ready when he’s ready to start learning. Thanks so much for the printables! They all look great. Great work.

    • Anna Geiger says

      I’m so glad you stopped by, Amber! I hope you’ll find lots you can use! I have an 18 month old, so occasionally I post things for the toddler set.

  5. Daniele says

    Hello, Anna! I’m from Brazil and i’ve found your website. i’d like to use the illustrations of Hansel and Gretel during ludic activities with my couple of twins. Is it possible to send me the pictures in high resolution? It’d be wonderful and very kind. My email is: danide25@gmail.com

    Thanks for the attention,

    • Anna Geiger says

      Hi Daniele,
      I may already have sent you an email about this, but I can’t send the clip art to you because it’s not my original work. However, you can purchase it on Teachers Pay Teachers to use with your children. It’s by Little Red’s Clip Art.


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