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So is it feeling like fall where you are?  We’re expecting 90 degrees tomorrow, but that’s out of the ordinary for us. By the end of the week we’re expecting a gorgeous 64 degrees.  Even though fall leads into one of our dreaded Midwest winters, it’s my favorite season. So it was especially fun to make this set of fall emergent readers!

Fall Emergent Readers - the measured mom

If you’ve been following along, you know I’m using the fabulous Reading the Alphabet curriculum from This Reading Mama to teach my two preschoolers to read.  My just-turned-Five is zooming through it, so I use extra materials to challenge him.  My Three loves doing the parts of the curriculum that fit where he’s at. It’s versatile and full of great stuff – I’m telling you, check it out!

fall emergent readers (3) - the measured mom

The new sight word for Lesson 9 is can.  I printed This Reading Mama’s emergent reader, which was just right for my Three.  By the end of the book he could remember to say the word “can,” but I don’t think he knows it by sight yet. No hurry, he’s only three! I actually had not intended to teach him to read this young, but he wanted to learn alongside his big brother.

fall emergent readers (5) - the measured mom

 The emergent reader is actually too easy for my Five, but a fun challenge was to use the book and cut-apart-sentences and pictures (also available in Reading the Alphabet) to recreate the sentences on our pocket chart.

fall emergent readers (4) - the measured mom

I had intended to create a giant apple tree and use velcro so my boys could add sight word apples to the tree. This idea is from The Educators’ Spin on It.  (Follow their Sight Word & Word Families Pinterest board for many more ideas!)  But I didn’t have the materials I needed, so I created a tiny apple tree that’s more like a file folder game.

Apple Tree Sight Words - the measured mom

I printed the blank tree and all the apples.  (The apples contain all the sight words that your child will learn with Reading the Alphabet.)  I attached Velcro dots to the tree and backs of the apples, and my boys attached the apples as I called out the words.  My Five could do almost all the words, while my Three focused on just the ones we’ve practiced.

Get your free copy here: Apple Tree Sight Words – the measured mom

fall emergent readers (1) - the measured mom

These are the emergent readers I created to use with my Five.  I made them a little more challenging than some previous readers I’ve created. I tried to change them up so that my Five had to really think about the words instead of relying on predictability.  I added a few extra words here and there to make him stop and think.  Below I share a few sample pages and explain what makes them emergent (simple enough for the brand new reader) and also what I’ve done to ramp these up a bit for the brand new reader who is starting to need more of a challenge.

fall emergent readers (6) - the measured mom

(Yeah, there’s a typo in that last image.  Most should be must.)

You’ll find these books in the download:

        • Falling Leaves 
        • Funny Pumpkins
        • It’s Fall!
        • Costumes

Get your free books HERE.

How to assemble:

(for a video tutorial, see this page)

  • Print pages 2-9 front to back (page 1 is my Terms of Use).  Print in color or grayscale.  
  • Cut across the horizontal center of each page.
  • Insert one set of pages into the other, paying attention to the page numbers.
  • Staple with a  long-armed stapler.

need help downloading

Check out the rest of our collection! free printable sight word readers 80+

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  1. Jena says

    Thank you so much! I love to combine these for with the Reading the Alphabet lessons. These are a great addition and so helpful for reading skills!

    • Anna Geiger says

      You know how I feel about Reading the Alphabet :) And it’s great to have a way to make that curriculum more challenging for my older preschooler. So glad you can use them, Jena!

  2. says

    Can I just say a HUGE thank you for this CUTE emergent reader book?! You, my friend, have a gift with creating such awesome printables. I will be using this and the monster dice game this week my 3.5 year old! Thanks again!

    • Anna Geiger says

      Thanks so much, Angela! I hope he has lots of fun with these. I never would have guessed that my 3 year old would start reading with these, but they’ve really taught him a lot about concepts of print, and he’s so proud when he can find the sight words he knows!

  3. says

    I love emergent readers. Emergent readers helped my daughter get over some of her reading blocks and speech impediments, and the ones you have created look very cute and engaging! Thank you for linking up this week to the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop :-)

  4. says

    You have so many wonderful ideas to go along with your emergent readers! I’m going to try some of your suggestions out with my preschoolers. We love making and reading fun books like yours in my class. Thanks for linking up to Share It Saturday. I’m featuring you this week!

    • Anna Geiger says

      I hope you’ve gotten/ get a chance to use them, Mary Catherine! I love to hear that preschool teachers can use some of my ideas :)


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