Free Winter Emergent Readers! (sight word readers, set 13)

Here’s the newest installment in my set of sight word readers designed for beginning readers!  If these look too challenging for your child or student, then take a step back and check out my other sets.  They start simple and add a new sight word with every set.  Each set has four FREE readers that you can print and use at home or in the classroom.

Set 1: Animals (sight word a)
Set 2: Places (sight word the)
Set 3: Transportation (sight word see)
Set 4: Community Helpers (sight word I)
Set 5: Fairy Tales (sight word look)
Set 6: Summer (sight word at)
Set 7: Back to School (sight word my)
Set 8: Fall (sight word can)
Set 9: Monsters (sight word you)
Set 10: Patriotic (sight word it)
Set 11: Thanksgiving (sight word for)
Set 12: Christmas (sight word big)

Winter emergent readers - the measured mom

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My newest set features the sight word “and” in a set of four free winter emergent readers.  I use these along with pieces of the fabulous Reading the Alphabet , a beginning reading curriculum for preschoolers.  (If you want to know more, see my Reading the Alphabet review.)

I like to share the reading activities that I do with my boys to show that the emergent readers are just one piece of the learning-to-read process at our house.

Using Reading the Alphabet, we did some basic reading activities and practiced our new sight word, “and”…

winter emergent readers (4) - the measured mom

Both my Three and Five did this simple coloring page to practice sight words that we’ve learned recently (also from Reading the Alphabet lesson 15).

winter emergent readers (8) - the measured mom

My Three loves to cut and paste the rhyming words around the center picture (from Reading the Alphabet).

winter emergent readers (7) - the measured mom

My Five completed this maze by coloring “and” all the way from the helicopter to the house.  (He is on a forced marker sabbatical after coloring half of his little brother’s face. Sigh.)

winter emergent readers (10) - the measured mom

My Three enjoys the simple emergent reader that comes with each lesson of Reading the Alphabet.  The supplemental emergent readers that I’m sharing today have become too hard for him – but reading these new books each week (and reviewing the old ones) has helped him get a good handle on beginning sight words and also given him confidence as a beginning reader.

We played some sight word games to review words we’ve learned before…

 winter emergent readers (2) - the measured mom

We adapted Word Family Slam from Toddler Approved.  I wrote the sight words on colorful cards, taped them to the wall, and the boys took turns reading a word and SLAMMING it.  A great energy burner on these cold winter evenings!  For my Three, I used all the words we’ve learned so far in Reading the Alphabet (on pink). Since my Five’s reading is really starting to pick up, I chose pre-primer words from the Dolch sight word list.

winter emergent readers (3) - the measured mom

I adapted Sight Word Spotlight from A Little Learning for Two.  Since flashlights are very popular in our house, and it’s getting dark by 4:30 in the evening, I had the boys take turns finding words with their flashlights and reading them aloud.

We used some of my printables to practice beginning sounds and sounding out words…

winter emergent readers (9) - the measured mom

My Three, who is not yet sounding out words but still mastering beginning sounds, did his set of Beginning Sound Match Mats.

winter emergent readers (11) - the measured mom

My Five, who is getting quite fluent at sounding out short vowel words, did some Read ‘n Stick mats (find them on my Teaching Reading page).

My five-year-old put what he’s learning into practice by reading my set of winter emergent readers…

winter emergent readers (5) - the measured momwinter emergent readers (5) - the measured mom

Because something has “clicked” for my Five, his reading is improving at a much more rapid pace than when I began creating these readers.  However, he does have a lot to learn about phonics – so I try to add in words that he will need to sound out — or even sight words that I haven’t introduced yet that he can figure out with the context.

sled on hill

Sometimes, when your child misreads a word you know he can figure out, you just need to call attention to it — but try not to interrupt.  Here’s a page from “Winter Fun.”

You can slide on a hill in winter.
           Look back at that for a second.  Does that say slide?

make snow angels

You may get an opportunity to teach or review some basic phonics.

You can m– I don’t know that word.
           Look at the last letter. Remember what I said happens when you put an e at the end of some words?
           You got it! 

winter emergent readers (6) - the measured mom

Remember to be ready to slow down and listen to your child laugh at the story, connect it to his own life, or ask questions.  I admit that I was getting frustrated when my Five kept asking why the man’s snow blower blew snow in his face (after he stopped laughing).  What exactly went wrong with the machine? Why would it do that?

When my answers weren’t satisfactory I said what I usually do when the kids have me stumped — “Ask Daddy.”  (Because he almost always knows.)

In the download you will receive:

  • My Snowman
  • Winter Fun
  • My Winter Clothes
  • A Snowy Day

(Note: I have recently updated the books.  The text is slightly simpler than what you see in the above images.)

Get your free books HERE.

need help downloading

How to assemble:

(for a video tutorial, see this page)

      • Print pages 2-9 front to back (page 1 is my Terms of Use).  Print in color or grayscale.  
      • Cut across the horizontal center of each page.
      • Insert one set of pages into the other, paying attention to the page numbers.
      • Staple with a  long-armed stapler.

Check out the rest of our collection! free printable sight word readers 80+

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    • Anna Geiger says

      It amazes me how many different ways there are to work on sight words! It’s fun to uncover new ones as I release a new set of readers. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Angela says

    Hi and thank you for these books! My autistic students are joyfully
    (!!!!!!) learning to read the Dolch words with flashcards and I write them a story every week so they can put the words into a context. These are FANTASTIC! The kids are going to love them! (And I will be able to write report cards instead!)


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