Learning to write the letter X: 13 ideas for preschool practice (and 3 free handwriting practice sheets)

My Three and Four are learning to write the letter X: today we found 13 different ways to make the letter!


The letter X is a simple letter to make with manipulatives because you just need two straight pieces.  My just-turned-Three made an X in a number of different ways:


with rulers…


with chopsticks…


with flatware…


and with Q-tips.


He had fun using office stickers to complete this Letter X Dot Sticker Page. Get your copy here.


Then my Four got busy.  He made an X with paintbrushes…


pipe cleaners…


and craft sticks.


This would have been too challenging for my Three, but my Four enjoyed putting together this foam puzzle to make the letter X.


Again, too hard for my Three, but just right for my Four — using rocks to make the letter X.


I call these handwriting pages “Letters of All Sizes.”  My Three starts at the red dot and draws lines inside the shapes. He can’t do traditional handwriting pages yet, so these are a good first step.  X was tricky for him – you can see he burned out before the end of the page. No problem!  He’s got plenty of time to learn to write. :)  Get your copy here.


My Four started with this page: tracing X’s on two lines.  Want your copy?  Get it here.


These are the most challenging handwriting pages I’ve created thus far.  They allow lots of guidance on the first few lines until the final line – when kids are given just a starting point.  You can find it here.

 Find many more creative ways to make the alphabet by clicking on the image below! 

fine motor activities for preschool and kindergarten

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    • annageig says

      Thanks, Bethany! I’m really happy with out that one turned out too – it’s always tricky to create something from free clip art, especially as I can’t draw to save my life!

  1. dee says

    Love your site! Great ideas! I teach preschool ages3-4. Another idea for letter X would be to give the students/child a bunch of popsicle or craft sticks. Not only can they form the letter X see what other letters or shapes they can make with them. There’s a book “Six Sticks” we’ve read & then give each child 6 sticks & see if they can make things that were in the story.


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