Letter E craft ideas

letter e collage


Here are some Letter E craft ideas to go along with your Letter of the Week.  Remember that I have three kids doing these crafts — and not one of them does every single project.  The important thing is to find a project your child will enjoy — reinforcing the letter E is a bonus! 

Tissue Paper “E” 

tissue paper E

My four-year-old boy really loved this one.  I printed out a large E and gave him a bag of tissue paper squares.  He painted on a water/glue mixture and very carefully applied each square.  He was very serious about doing a neat job.  I think he would not have enjoyed this had we used straight Elmer’s or a glue stick.  It would have been too messy and frustrating.

tissue paper craft2

My toddler had no interest in the project. He did enjoy using the glue paint to attach tissue paper to an index card and the newspaper.

Handprint Eagle

Eagle craft

Here’s an eagle craft I did with my two oldest when my daughter returned home from kindergarten.  She traced her own hands and cut out her own eagle beak, but I drew the rest of the pieces for her to cut out. This was from Nicci’s Little Angels

Elephant “E”elephant cut and paste

Here’s a quick, simple project.  My four-year-old cut out his own (left).  You can find this idea all over the Internet, but for a  free pattern go to Fun with Mama.

Cut & Paste Elmo

Elmo craft

Even though my kids have never seen Elmo onscreen, they love him. (You’ve got to hand it to Sesame Street’s marketing team.) This was a fun craft for them. I cut out the pieces. Can you guess which one my two-year-old made?  Get the pattern from Fun with Mama.

 Paper Plate Elephant

elephant craft

We got this idea from Activity Village.  My four-year-old painted the plate (he chose the color). The next day I cut out the other pieces for him to glue.

E is for Envelope


I know this envelope craft isn’t the most beautiful thing to look at, but it is such a terrific, age-appropriate project for your toddler or preschooler.  For instructions, visit No Time for Flashcards.

 Milk Jug Elmer

elmer elephant

Okay, I feel a little bad about saying this, but I’ve never really liked the Elmer books about the patchwork elephant.  The stories just don’t grab me.  But when I saw this project on Pinterest, we had to read an Elmer book and save a milk jug. After I cut off the top of the jug and cut some more plastic to make the legs, my kindergartner used a water/glue mixture to attach the tissue paper.  


For fine motor, sensory fun, math connections and more  for letter E — click on the image below! 

Letter E Activities - the measured mom


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  1. Safiyya says

    Hi ,i am statring a playcentre and would like to know what letters first you start introducing first and do you do the uppercase or the lower case letter recognition first

    • Anna Geiger says

      Hello, Safiyya! I start introducing letters based on the order in which they’re easiest to write. You can see that order in this post: http://www.themeasuredmom.com/teaching-the-alphabet-to-preschoolers-why-and-how/

      I do uppercase letters first. With my own kids, they have picked up recognizing lower case letters on their own without a lot of direct instruction – just by reading books and talking about letters. Also, after practice with upper case letters it isn’t too hard for them to start forming lower case letters on their own. But in a classroom setting it would be good to have more of a plan. I would recommend contacting some bloggers who are also preschool teachers, like Mary Catherine at http://fun-a-day.com/ or Deborah at http://teachpreschool.org.

  2. Barbara Moore says

    Elmo is priceless! I was looking for something different for my pre-k class and I can’t wait to do this them next wee!

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