Math Activities for Preschoolers – the letter E

aletter E hands on math for kids - the measured mom

The last two weeks we have been exploring letter E activities.   Check out these ideas to support our letter learning and build math skills as well!  

1 – Counting Count the Eggs

Letter E Math (3) - the measured mom

The kids added brightly colored “eggs” to nests numbered 1-10.  My Four and Five did this on their own.  My Two enjoyed doing it with me.  See my original post here.

2 – Ordering Big and Small Elephants

Letter E Math (1) - the measured mom

I printed these from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  My Four had no trouble ordering them from smallest to biggest and biggest to smallest. I was surprised at how challenging this was for my Two.  Looks like we have more ordering activities in our future!

3 – Measuring Egg Carton Measuring

Letter E Math (2) - the measured mom

This is such a fantastic idea for nonstandard measurement, and egg cartons fit right in with Letter E.  Get the details at The Imagination Tree.

4 – Shapes Pattern Block E

Letter E Math (4) - the measured mom

I have a set of pattern  blocks from my teaching days. You can get these beautiful patterns free from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

5 – Counting & Addition Counting & Make 10 with Egg Cartons

Letter E Math (5) - the measured mom

Here’s another idea for egg carton math.  My Four and Five worked together — my Four put in some of his 10 green gems, and his sister filled in the extra spaces with her blue ones.  She wrote the number sentences, too.  Get the full lesson from Learn with Play at Home.

6 – Counting, Number Recognition, Representation – Egg Carton / Duplo Math

Letter E Math (6) - the measured mom

Here’s another wonderful idea from Learn with Play at Home. I love that it’s so versatile. I used this with my five-year-old to help her count by 10’s when forming larger  numbers. But you can use it very simply for your Two, Three, or Four.  Just make the numbers smaller.  For instructions, visit here.

7. Number Recognition – Match the Numbered Elephants

Letter E Math (7) - the measured mom

At Confessions of a Homeschooler, she uses these elephants for counting. I used them for number recognition. I printed out two sets and had my Two match the numbers. He only knows a couple of numbers by sight, so this was a way to start reinforcing them.

8 – Counting & Ordering – Order the Numbered Elephants

Letter E Math (8) - the measured mom

Here’s another way to use those elephant numbered cards from Confessions of a Homeschooler just put them in order.  My Four started by going down from to 1; then he put them in order from 1-10.

For fine motor, sensory fun, recommended books and more  for letter E — click on the image below! 

Letter E Activities - the measured mom

And for many more math activities organized by skill, check out this page: 

Math Activities for Kids - the measured mom

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    • Anna Geiger says

      Thanks for sharing that with me, Christina! I love the idea of using pom poms. You shared a great variety of activities!

  1. patty horvath says

    I love your site, but always have trouble downloading your activities. Can you tell me how to download from your site.

  2. patty horvath says

    Sorry wrong site. I love your activities though too. You are my go to site, but I am having trouble printing activities from Confession of a homeschooler, not your site.

    • Anna Geiger says

      I’m glad you’re getting stuff without trouble here! I think the challenge is that Confessions of a Homeschooler started out on blogspot, so her earlier files were harder to host and now harder to get. If you contact her via her contact form, she can hopefully help you.

      • Patty horvath says

        I did contact her. Thank you for your help. Again I love you site and use it all the time. More work for you, but saves me lots of time.


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