Letter F Crafts

F craft collage

We’ve been busy!  Since my Two already knew “F” when we began this exploration, I focused less on reinforcing the letter and more on giving him and his older siblings the chance to work with a variety of media.  We used construction paper, feathers, dried beans, real food, foam, fingerpaint, foil, tissue paper, and old magazines to create these letter F crafts.  F is for fun!

F is for Fire

Letter F Craft (2) - the measured mom

I always appreciate a simple craft that appeals to all three of my big kids (5,4,2).  This one fit the bill.  It required only construction paper and glue. I posted about it here.

Feathery F

letter F Craft (1) -the measured mom

This is a simple way to reinforce the sound of F, and it took only five minutes.  (Hey! F is for five!)  My Four asked me to write “Fancy Fluffy F” on his project.

Dried Lentil Flowers

lentil project

I saw this idea for dried lentil flowers on Pinterest from No Time for Flashcards.  I couldn’t find tiny orange beans, so I used tan ones instead. Are there really brown flowers?  Oh well.  The kids really enjoyed this project. I cut out their flowers; they cut out their stems.  My kindergartner wanted to make leaves for her flowers and was doing a beautiful job, but insisted tearfully, “They’re not pretty!” and took them off.  I didn’t push it.  Craft time does not need to be meltdown time.

Foam Frog

Letter F Craft (3) - the measured mom

I wanted a short and sweet frog project.  Here’s our foam frog.  I found it on Play and Learn with Dana.

Edible Flowers

Letter F Craft (4) - the measured mom

Isn’t this fun? I’m not the sort of person to make all sorts of cute things for snacks and meals.  I’m not that artistic, and I just don’t have the time. But after the reception my kids gave this project, from Sugar and Spice, I think we should do more of it.  By the way, the flower pot is one of my homemade graham crackers. You could shape it any way you want.

 Fancy Foil Fish

Letter F Craft (5) - the measured mom

Here’s a Fancy Foil Fish.  How’s that for a letter F project?  Just my four-year-old did this one. I got the idea from Preschool Playbookwho found the original idea in Mailbox Magazine.  My Four painted the plate one day. The next day he glued on the foil, fins, tail, and googly eye.

Fishy Window Scene

 Letter F Craft (6) - the measured mom

We’ve done a lot of this type of project.  It’s February, but we still have an October pumpkin and some December nativities up in our kitchen window.  These contact paper crafts are so great for kids age 2 up to at least 8.  Just set down a piece of sticky contact paper and let them place the tissue paper pieces or shapes.  When they’re done, you put on the other piece of contact paper and attach it to a window.

 I got this idea from Cheap Crafty Mama. This ocean scene was created by my Two.  (You can find clear contact paper with the shelf liners in Walmart.  Michaels carries it too.)

Celery Print Flowers

Letter F Craft (7) - the measured mom

I had just finished cutting up and washing the celery. I was about to throw away the base of the stalks when I looked at it and realized it looked just like a flower.   Flower… Letter F.  So I set it aside, and later we made flower prints.  I have done vegetable printing before and learned that I need to help the kids gently place the paint-covered vegetable onto the paper and gently lift it off, or we will just get a smeary mess.  I think they did great!

Fishbowl Craft

Letter F Craft (8) - the measured mom

Can I say that this is just the cutest fish project ever?  I know that the point of my kids doing projects is not so they can be cute.  But this is just so adorable. And they had a lot of fun doing it.  All the kids finger painted a piece of paper one day.  After the pages had dried I cut out the fish bowls.  Then, while my Two napped, the older two completed their projects.  They made a hand print fish, glued dried beans for the gravel, and added buttons for the bubbles.  Check out the original idea on Walking by the Way.

Food Collage

Letter F Craft (9) - the measured mom

I cut apart a cardboard box to make this giant F. Then my Four and Five cut out food from an old sticker books and some recipe books I’m no longer using (don’t throw out those old recipe books!).  This was not their favorite activity ever.  Maybe it was just a bad day.  But I thought it was good for them to see the project through to the end, and we worked on it together.  I also wanted them to learn how to make a collage: letting pieces overlap and trying to cover every space.  They were proud of it when they were done.

Find lots more letter F learning by clicking on the image below! 



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