Ocean sensory play

We like to do a sensory activity for every letter of the alphabet, so to continue our letter O exploration, I set up some ocean sensory play.

ocean sensory play

I love seeing the fun sensory activities that other bloggers do with their kids.  They set out lovely  materials, take stunning photographs, and their kids have a marvelous time.

ocean sensory play1

I grabbed one of our plastic bins and set it up.  I took some sand from the sandbox (gasp! I broke a major family rule here), added some of the shells we use with play dough and some decorative pebbles I got at the dollar store.  Then I added the clear glass gems to give our ocean a shimmer.

ocean sensory play2

We added tinted blue water and I tried to take a nice photo.  Except there’s my shadow.  Boo.

ocean sensory play4

Next, I brought out our ocean animal toys.  I really wanted this to be an opportunity for my Two to explore the sensory bin by himself for a while.  Being the fourth child, he is often at the mercy of his older siblings when it comes to getting his turn at the fun stuff.  I insisted that the older kids be hands off for a while.

It lasted about two minutes.

These first two minutes were a chance for my Two to ask questions about all the animals. “What is this called?”

ocean sensory play5I can not seem to get a nice sensory bin picture for the life of me.  Of course my kids grabbed our ugly, faded stacking cups to use with the beautiful rocks and gems.

ocean sensory play6

Because these old cups have holes in the bottom — perfect for straining ocean water to get to the treasure underneath.

ocean sensory play 7

Here was my one and only photo with some sort of potential.  Check out the glistening sparkles in the water!  Ignore the ugly orange cup and the sad-looking animals who are caught in low tide.

ocean sensory play 8

I think we’ve established that photography is not my strong suit.  But the whole point was to give my little guy some time to explore the materials to his heart’s content. And when his older siblings had moved on, he did just that.

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    LOL! Hey Anna! i absolutely LOVED your Confessions post on Mothers Day! (Happy Belated Mothers Day btw) I laughed and soo dearly related! … Your blog is however one of my most favorite. I always read your posts even if the lesson is not pertaining to my youngests learning stage because I learn something anyway!!! I dont update my blog much because I worry about my photo qualities in comparison to others (thats my “stuff” I’m working thru it) etc etc … You share SO much educated, valued, & informative substantial experience, that when I’m here, I don’t judge your photos. I think you’re being hard on yourself & these pix–they’re of your wonderful loving family having the best time 😉 Besides, we your readers know what you’re all about & don’t judge you by your silly “shadows”!! Here, go take a peek at my pix LOL! you WILL feel Better then!! LOL LOL ;D Thank you again for all you share with us. 😉

    • Anna Geiger says

      Hello, Jeanine, and thank you :) Your comment really made my day. Thanks so much for all your encouragement, and I’m so glad you’re learning something here!

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    I have never thought negatively about your pictures! Your site is top-notch in preschool learning activities in my opinion! We are loving your alphabet curriculum!

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