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We got a little carried away the past couple of weeks– there were so many fun preschool crafts for Letter T that we made twelve of them!

Taxi Craft

Preschool Craft for Letter T 1

All the kids loved these taxis.  They glued down the pieces and drew themselves in the window.  I got this idea from Mrs. Karen’s Preschool Ideas.

T is for Tiger

T craft7088

It’s always fun to find crafts that take the shape of the letter. This idea is from Kids Matter.

T is for Turkey

T craft3

Can I say that these are adorable?  I love how each of my kids found his or her own way to attach the feathers.  I think this one is my favorite.  The idea is from Mamas Like Me.

Tooth Painting (with toothbrushes)

T craft4

 We got out our old toothbrushes, and the kids painted teeth.  Each of them had so much fun they did another one when they finished.  The idea is from Mom to 2 Posh Little Divas.

T is for Tractor

T craft5

Okay, is this craft from Totally Tots not the cutest idea ever?  I knew we had to do it the minute I saw it on Pinterest.  But I had no idea how much my boys would love this.  They enjoyed gluing down the pieces and watching their tractors take shape. Then my Four asked me to draw a farmer (ew, sorry about that — wish I could draw!), which he colored much better than I’ve seen before. My Two went and “colored” his tractor too.  Then they cut them out and  were driving them all over the house. Love it!

Traffic Light Torn Paper Craft

T craft6087

I love this kind of thing because all four of my kids can do it.  On each paper were three circles outlined in red, yellow, and green. The kids tore paper and glued it to each circle.  This is my Five’s neat, careful work.   The big boys liked it too, and the baby (14 months) sat on my lap and happily patted down paper as we glued.  The idea is from No Time for Flashcards.

Shape Garbage Truck

T craft8089

Here’s another idea from No Time for Flashcards (if you’re on the lookout for original, fun and easy crafts, follow that blog!).  The shapes for the dump truck were cut from cereal boxes.  My boys colored the shapes and glued them down.  And then they had fun drawing garbage coming out of the truck and played with them the rest of the afternoon.  Note to self: vehicle crafts go over big with the boys!

Handprint Tulip

t craft tulip081

This was a simple idea that yielded a beautiful picture for spring.  My Five used her palm to make the tulip flower and the side of her hand to make the stem and leaves.  The idea is from Crafts for Preschoolers.

Tissue Paper Trees for All Seasons

trees of all seasons099

I gave each of the kids the blue squares and brown trees. They glued  them down and used colored tissue paper to decorate for the seasons. My Five (going on six) really enjoyed this, but it got tedious for my Two and  Four.  I would recommend doing just one of the seasons if your little one is not up for the whole  deal.

Triangular Trees

triangle trees

This great art project is from Adventures of an Art Teacher.  The kids learned about how to make different shades of green by coloring each of four quadrants: using green, green and white, green and black, and blue and yellow.  The next day they cut out the trees, decorated with crayon, and glued them down to make a forest.  My Two  enjoyed the painting but cut his trees into pieces when it was time to make triangles (he didn’t want my help).  My Four was  just okay with it, but my Five loved it.  Recommended for older preschoolers and kindergartners.

T is for Train

train craft

I drew the basic frame for the kids, and they added lines for the  train tracks and glued the pieces down to make a train.  The idea is similar to something I saw at Counting Coconuts.

Shape Turtle Craft

turtle craft111

Finally, here are our cute little turtles.  My Four opted out of this one. The other  two enjoyed it — though it appears that my Two’s turtle is carrying boxes.  He wasn’t interested in gluing them onto the shell. He also hasn’t quite figured out how  to draw a face. :)  This craft was inspired by one I saw at Simple Home Blessings.

For much more learning fun for the letter T, click on the image below! 



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  1. annageig says

    Thanks for stopping by, Ally! We’re working on Letter V next week… might be a challenge to find such fun ideas! I’ve enjoyed your grammar grump posts. Congratulations on the features! :)

  2. says

    Thank you for sharing my taxi idea and linking back to my blog. I love your blog and ideas and am now a devoted follower. I especially liked the “torn paper” idea and will be adding it to my “T” week! Thanks again!

  3. annageig says

    Thanks, Karen! I’m so glad you’re following me. I just subscribed to your blog by e-mail so I don’t miss any of your great ideas!

  4. says

    How fun! I love all these ideas. We are doing an alphabet exploration for our 21 month old and we haven’t gotten to T yet, but now I have an amazing collection of ideas! Oh, and I love that you did our turtle craft – glad to see it transfers so well to other kids!

  5. annageig says

    Thanks for coming by, Leah! I’ve been reading some of your MAIDness posts… I’ve got some work to do in that area :P!

  6. stephanie says

    Love the T vehicle projects. My youngest has recently figured out that his name begins with t and is so excited! Thanks!

    • annageig says

      That’s so fun when it all starts to click! Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie – I’m a follower of your blog :)

    • Anna Geiger says

      Thanks – I’ll definitely be over there as I get caught up. Also eed to update the links in my Letter N post which is part of the hop :)

  7. says

    Great information! I’m always looking for inspiring, outside the box idea to teach the alphabet. Children need to know that C is for far more than cat. It all starts with the alphabet and we can teach them so much more than cat. Thank you for sharing!


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