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Simple Alphabet Books

If you’re just starting to teach the alphabet to your toddler, these books are perfect.  A free printable book for each letter of the alphabet! 

free alphabet books for babies toddlers and preschoolers the measured mom 241x300 Free Printables

Sight Word Readers

You’ll find a growing collection of themed sight word readers by clicking on the image below.  Themes include Animals, Places to Go, Transportation, Community Helpers, Fairy Tales, Summer, Back to School, Monsters, Patriotic,  Thanksgiving, Fall, Christmas, and Winter.  Two new sets come out each month! 

Free sight word readers from the measured mom 300x300 Free Printables

Math Activities

Word Family Printables

Sight Word Games

Occasionally I create an original sight word game.  You can find many more sight word game ideas on my Sight Word Pinterest Board.

Handwriting Pages 

I teach my preschoolers to write the alphabet using this progression of handwriting pages.  Watch for lower case handwriting pages in the future! 

Worksheet Packs

I’m not a big worksheet person, but occasionally you will find a worksheet pack at The Measured Mom.

Spelling Printables

I love to create spelling games for my daughter to use as we learn through Word Study (you can read my 5-part Word Study series if you’re curious about that!).

Spelling Lessons

Here you’ll find sample spelling lessons with printables. Even if your child is not in the within-word stage of spelling, these lessons will give you a flavor for how to teach spelling with word study.  If your child is in the within-word stage, you can start with these seven lessons and continue with the lists found in the book Words Their Way.

Dot Sticker Pages

We do these dot sticker pages to reinforce letter shapes and sounds.  They’re also great fine motor practice! Use dot stickers, round magnets, Do-a-Dot markers, round cereal, or make your own pom-pom magnets.  Find our growing collection by clicking on the image below.

Dot Sticker Pages free from the measured mom 300x300 Free Printables


Little Letter Books

These printable letter books are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.  Each book contains six rhymes and/or songs for a particular letter of the alphabet. Find our growing collection by clicking on the image below.

Free Letter Books the measured mom 300x300 Free Printables

 Traveling (to do in the car)


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  1. Very cool website for kids. Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you so much for your printables and activity ideas. My little people love them!!

  3. carolyn gunn says:

    I’m loving every thing that I’ve seen since I came across this website. Its a great ascess to me and how I plan on getting ready for the following year. Thanks Anna I only wish I could get all this information into one huge notebook… I think your work is great…I’m learning something useful every time I open up your website..

    • Anna Geiger says:

      I’m so glad it’s been useful for you, Carolyn! You’ve given me inspiration… do you think it would be helpful for people to have an e-book of all my material, indexed? So for example if they’re looking for posts about reading, they could look that up in the download and click on the posts that pertain to it?

  4. Thanks Anna for replying back. Yes it would be a wonderful ideal to do an e-book. I know it would help me greatly. Again thanks and keep up the great work.

  5. Hello, i just find your blog tonight . i like your website. Keep up your good work and best wishes to you and your family!!

  6. Is it okay if I make copies of the Summer Reading Challenge for my students? It is a wonderful idea, LOVE IT! I think it might inspire them to read over the summer. Your website is awesome and filled with such great ideas :)

    • Anna Geiger says:

      Absolutely, Sharon! You are welcome to print and copy any of my printables for your students. I just ask that if another teacher would like to use them, that you direct them to my website to download the material instead of working off your copy. Thanks!

  7. thank you for perfect web-side and so many god ideas! I am following you from Sweden far far away:))
    thanks again!

  8. I have used many of your ideas/printables for my great granddaughters who are living with me. I also am encouraging my other granddaughter to sign up for your newsletter since her girls are 1 & 2 and she can get a head start on what she will need later this year and in the future. Thanks for the great work, wish the home PC was around when I taught preschool back in the 70′s and 80′s. Well I guess they were but everyone did not have them LOL.

    • Anna Geiger says:

      Hello, Linda! I’m so glad you’re finding things to use with the children in your life! And I’m with you on wishing the blogosphere had been around a few years ago. It was available when I started teaching, but it took so long to find things and they were not nearly as accessible. Technology can be an amazing blessing!

  9. I just love your ideas. They are beautiful.
    I’m Portuguese and I’m the director of a preschool in East Timor (Southeast Asia). These are special children, as you may know, since this is a developing country which became independent only 12 years ago. Therefore, I always have to adapt your activities to our reality here.
    Thank you for inspiring me
    Clarisse Silva recently posted…As nossas portasMy Profile

    • Anna Geiger says:

      Hello, Clarisse! Thank you for educating me about East Timor. It sounds like you have a very special and challenging teaching situation there. I’m so glad you’re finding things here to help you out!


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