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All of my printables are free for personal or classroom use!  Everything on this site is copyrighted and may not be republished or sold in any form. For more information, please see my Terms of Use.

Simple Alphabet Books

If you’re just starting to teach the alphabet to your toddler, these books are perfect.  A free printable book for each letter of the alphabet!  To download each book individually, click on the image.  To purchase the entire set in just one download (plus get two bonus books!), visit my TPT store.

26 alphabet books with photographs



 Sight Word Readers

So far I’ve shared 25 sets of sight word readers.  Beginning readers can use context clues, picture clues, and sight word knowledge to read these printable little books. You can learn about how to use them by clicking on the main image.

free printable sight word readers 80+

These images will get you the post where each set of books is shared.  You’ll also find a variety of reading activities in each post.  Scroll down to the end of each post to download the readers.

Phonics Books

I’ve shared over 130 books in my free phonics reader collection that are designed to be used alongside my sight word readers or separately.  Each book introduces a new phonics pattern and gives practice with simple sentences and bright pictures.  Click on the image to download each set.

free phonics books collection

Math Activities

In addition to these math printables, I share a variety of playful ways to learn about math with  items you may have lying around your house.  Visit my math page for all of my math activities organized by skill.

 Phonemic Awareness & Phonics Printables

Browse these printables for activities to teach both short vowels, long vowels, and other phonics patterns. You’ll also find activities for pre-readers, such as rhyming clip cards.  For more ideas for teaching reading, visit my Learning to Read Pinterest board.

Sight Word Games

I have a small collection of printable sight word games that I’ve used alongside my sight word readers.  You can find many more playful ways to learn sight words on my  Sight Word Pinterest Board.

Handwriting Pages

I teach my preschoolers to write the alphabet using a progression of easy to hard handwriting pages.  To learn more, visit my handwriting page.  

Beginning Sound Activities

Play Beginning Sound Blackout with eight different boards.  Call out a letter from the letter cards, and have your child cover the corresponding picture.  

For a simpler, slower-pace activity, print my beginning sound picture mats and cards. They start simple and build on each other as your child works through each mat.   The clip cards are also a good activity for beginners.

For the simplest activity of all, try the letter sound clip cards.  There are no letters at all. Your child needs to hear and match beginning sounds in words.

Beginning Sounds Coloring Pages

Click on each picture to get a beginning sounds coloring page.  To get the entire set in one download, visit the original post.

 Spelling Printables

I love to create spelling games for my daughter to use as we learn through Word Study (you can read my 5-part Word Study series if you’re curious about that!).

Spelling Lessons

Here you’ll find sample spelling lessons with printables. Even if your child is not in the within-word stage of spelling, these lessons will give you a flavor for how to teach spelling with word study.  If your child is in the within-word stage, you can start with these seven lessons and continue with the lists found in the book Words Their Way.

Dot Sticker Pages

We do these dot sticker pages to reinforce letter shapes and sounds.  They’re also great fine motor practice! Use dot stickers, round magnets, Do-a-Dot markers, round cereal, or make your own pom-pom magnets.  Find our entire collection by clicking on the image below.  You’ll be able to get each page individually OR the entire set in one easy download.

Free dot sticker pages A-Z - the measured mom

Printable books of rhymes and songs

These printable letter books are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.  Each book contains six rhymes and/or songs for a particular letter of the alphabet. Find our entire collection by clicking on the image below.

free little letter book collection

Finger Puppets


Print Friendly


  1. carolyn gunn says

    I’m loving every thing that I’ve seen since I came across this website. Its a great ascess to me and how I plan on getting ready for the following year. Thanks Anna I only wish I could get all this information into one huge notebook… I think your work is great…I’m learning something useful every time I open up your website..

    • Anna Geiger says

      I’m so glad it’s been useful for you, Carolyn! You’ve given me inspiration… do you think it would be helpful for people to have an e-book of all my material, indexed? So for example if they’re looking for posts about reading, they could look that up in the download and click on the posts that pertain to it?

  2. joy says

    Hello, i just find your blog tonight . i like your website. Keep up your good work and best wishes to you and your family!!

  3. sharon says

    Is it okay if I make copies of the Summer Reading Challenge for my students? It is a wonderful idea, LOVE IT! I think it might inspire them to read over the summer. Your website is awesome and filled with such great ideas :)

    • Anna Geiger says

      Absolutely, Sharon! You are welcome to print and copy any of my printables for your students. I just ask that if another teacher would like to use them, that you direct them to my website to download the material instead of working off your copy. Thanks!

  4. Dilek says

    thank you for perfect web-side and so many god ideas! I am following you from Sweden far far away:))
    thanks again!

  5. Linda says

    I have used many of your ideas/printables for my great granddaughters who are living with me. I also am encouraging my other granddaughter to sign up for your newsletter since her girls are 1 & 2 and she can get a head start on what she will need later this year and in the future. Thanks for the great work, wish the home PC was around when I taught preschool back in the 70’s and 80’s. Well I guess they were but everyone did not have them LOL.

    • Anna Geiger says

      Hello, Linda! I’m so glad you’re finding things to use with the children in your life! And I’m with you on wishing the blogosphere had been around a few years ago. It was available when I started teaching, but it took so long to find things and they were not nearly as accessible. Technology can be an amazing blessing!

  6. says

    I just love your ideas. They are beautiful.
    I’m Portuguese and I’m the director of a preschool in East Timor (Southeast Asia). These are special children, as you may know, since this is a developing country which became independent only 12 years ago. Therefore, I always have to adapt your activities to our reality here.
    Thank you for inspiring me
    Clarisse Silva recently posted…As nossas portasMy Profile

    • Anna Geiger says

      Hello, Clarisse! Thank you for educating me about East Timor. It sounds like you have a very special and challenging teaching situation there. I’m so glad you’re finding things here to help you out!

  7. Ally says

    I can’t see them on this page, but I also love your beginning sounds mats that go along with Reading the Alphabet from This Reading Mama.

  8. Jasmin says

    THANK YOU so much for all your great stuff. Thats just amazing. I’m preparing now all the time because I just finished university and I hope I can start teaching in september! :) Unfortunately I can’t use your english/alphabetic things because I live in Austria but I try to create some things on my own (you’re such an inspiration).
    All the best for you & you’re familiy!

    • Anna Geiger says

      Thank you so much, Jasmin! Congratulations on looking forward to that first year of teaching – so exciting! I’m sharing a free ebook next week designed for teachers of all types, but I think first year teachers will benefit the most. Thanks so much for reading!

  9. elyse says

    What an AMAZING list of resources! Thank you so much for sharing these :D
    I work in the Learning Support section of a reception-yr 12 school in Australia. I’m always looking for new activities to use with my students who need that little bit of extra practice in all subject areas. I was very excited to find your site. Looking forward to using the resources you’ve generously shared here! Thanks again :)

  10. Charlotte says

    Hi! I would like to ask where I can buy the hallow font that u used in this printable
    Thank you very much. Great website!

  11. Samantha says

    My son is only 16 months old, but I have been stressing over if he’s learning things at his “school” etc…I decided to hunt down some simple letters/color pages to work with him at home. I can not tell you how excited I was to find your site! THANK YOU for making it not only available, but easy to navigate as well!! I’ve already shared your site with a few friends and family members!

    • Anna Geiger says

      Hi Samantha! It sounds like your 16 month old already knows quite a bit! Our fourth is 2 1/2 and I have finally started working on letters a little more with him. I had more time with our oldest, and I got to it sooner with her. ;) I’m sure your little guy is doing great. :) I’m go glad you find my site and can find things to use! It’s been fun for me and helps me do more with my own kids, too. Thanks so much for passing it along!

  12. Christa says

    Thank you for making all these printables available! We are just starting homeschool preschool, you have so many great resources.

  13. Beth says

    I just came across your site today…I instantly fell in love. I’ve been looking for quite some time some material other than your basic letter cards to start teaching my almost 2 yr old son the alphabet among other things. Your site is so wonderful and full of information. Thank you for doing this!

  14. Charlett Steverson says

    This is by far the most resourceful site I’ve seen. I have a 4 year old daughter who is learning how to read and she love your books. I also have daycare and my preschooler enjoy the books as well. Thank you for taking out you precious time to create this site, it is very detailed and thought out.

  15. Tracy Schumacher says

    Thank you so much for all of your resources! I am currently a pre-k teacher and preparing to graduate with my BA in elementary ed. It can be so difficult to find GOOD teacher tools for the younger age group. With this in mind I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon your page!

  16. prasanthi says

    I came across your blog while searching for ways to teach my 3 year old and i fell in love lol.I havent looked at the entire content but i bookmarked and would be visiting frequently for ideas to teach my son at home.
    Thank you for the effort in putting all these wonderful ideas at one place and they are very valuable for me.

  17. Patricia says

    Thank you so much for these printables. I had seen the milk cap letters and had started my collection but assumed I would need to create my own cards. I noticed you do not have cards for i and u are they coming soon? :)

    • Anna Geiger says

      Hi Patricia! I do plan to make milk cap letter sheets for all the short vowels. They are not on my immediate to do list, but hopefully within the next couple of months!

  18. renee says

    Thank you thank you. I am a teacher and a mother to three in Australia, and I love all the hard work and effort you have put into your resources.

    Thank you.

  19. Janet says

    Hi! I Just want to thank you for all your free printables , awesome ideas and useful information. Your site is truly a great teaching resource all at one spot!! I started using your printables and ideas to help my 4 year old in her writing and she enjoyed them :)) I know I’ll be coming back to your blog again and again….and I will definitely spread the word. May God continue to bless you and your work.

    • Anna Geiger says

      Thank you so much, Janet, for your kind comment and for spreading the word about my site. :) I’m so thankful for readers like you!

  20. Eve says

    Would you be able to keep me updated when you get the number tracing worksheet up. Thank you very much! Love your site also!!!

  21. Theresa says

    Hi Anna, Thanks for some great resources which I have found useful for my students with Special Needs. They are colourful and visually appealing to students who need visual & sensory stimulation. Easy to use for busy teachers. Thank You :-)

    • Anna Geiger says

      I understand, Janelle. However, I chose to use just uppercase because I created these for my toddler and wanted to keep things simple. I will be teaching him his lowercase letters later when he is ready. It’s easy for him to “read” the book himself when he has the large uppercase letter to identify rather than both, which could confuse him.

    • Anna Geiger says

      I’m so glad to hear that, Jennifer! I remember how hard these easy readers were to find at an affordable price when I was a classroom teacher. If you have it in your budget and are not already a member, I recommend looking into Reading A-Z. I think it’s $100 for a year’s membership, and they have a ton of AWESOME printable books for all levels. I actually got a membership just to use with my kids at home.

  22. Kenette Robertson says

    Thank you so much for your fun resources. I teach in a Christian school & love having some fun and new resources to use. I get more excited than the class about having something new to laminate and take in to school!

  23. Tresa says

    My daughter reads through our books so fast at home and she memorizes them by the picture. I’ve been searching for cute printable readers to give her something new without going broke. Thank you Thank you Thank you soo much!!!!!

  24. Karen Ganon says

    Wow! I downloaded SO many helpful lessons (spelling and word families) today from your site. Thank you for all of your fantastic work and the time you put into it. The fact that you are willing to share it is such a blessing to all of us–especially the kids!

  25. says

    Thank you for sharing so many wonderful and engaging ideas. I teach Spanish Immersion Kindergarten, the same content of a full day Universal Kindergarten but 100% in Spanish. I am very happy that I can transfer a lot of this ideas into Spanish and bring it to my classroom. I am sharing this website with my English kindergarten colleagues.
    Thank you again!

  26. says

    My husband is stationed in Sasebo, Japan so for work I teach English out in town to Japanese kindergarten students. THEY ALWAYS LOVE the printable I hand out, and the book recommendations go hand in hand with the activities which is so awesome. Thank you for all you do and provide for us. Free is always a blessing :)

    • Anna Geiger says

      Hello, Shannon! Thanks so much for your note. It’s so exciting to hear of people using my resources in other countries. I’m so glad you’re finding things you can use here!

  27. Angie says

    Your site is truly a blessing. I needed materials on this level for a second grader who is not yet recognizing letters or sounds. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Anna Geiger says

      You’re so welcome, Angie – and I’m glad you’re finding things here to help your second grader. It’s wonderful to hear from people who can use these materials with struggling learners. Anything to make that light bulb turn on!

  28. Lori M Tatum says

    I have been challenged with teaching kindergarten after teaching 5th grade for 11 years. Your website has made my adjustment much easier. Thank you.

    • Anna Geiger says

      I’m thrilled to hear that, Lori! Jumping from fifth grade to kindergarten is quite a switch — I hope you keep finding things here to save you some time!

  29. Andrea says

    I downloaded your number handwriting pages and linked over to this page from there. Great stuff to browse through! Bookmarking this page. Thanks for everything!

  30. Nicole Cox says

    Every time I start searching for great ideas for my preschool classroom and my homeschool, your website pops right up!! I am in LOVE with all of these ideas!!! Thank you so much for working so hard and being willing to share your creations.

    • Anna Geiger says

      Oh, that’s fabulous to hear that your search engine is liking me. :) Thank you so much for your very kind comment, Nicole! It’s a joy for me to create and share here. I’m thankful for readers like you who keep coming back!

  31. KIKORA ELCOCK says

    I just want to thank you for creating this page, before this page I was constantly looking for things on the internet that my children could use at home for learning purposes or I was always going to the store by products, but this site makes it easy for me and my daughter loves her little books, my sons just love having books that they can color and I have to read at night. I love seeing my children faces light up when they are learning and having fun, it’s makes me happier. I just want to thank you again, because this has made a lot of things easier for especially since I am always looking for learning tools.

    • Anna Geiger says

      Thank you for your kind note, Kikora! I love hearing about all the learning activities you’re doing at home with your kids! I hope you keep finding things you can use here.

  32. Amanda says

    Thank you so much for sharing your amazing,fun,cute and awesome ideas! I am a professional home childcare provider and I am always looking for fun new things for the children in my care. I can’t wait to start using this!

    Thanks again, you are wonderful!
    Amanda :)

  33. says

    Hi Anna,

    I would like to take the chance to say a big thank you for sharing your wonderful resources. I am still a newby teacher, having only taught for 2 years – both of those in First Grade, and next year I will be making the move down to Prep (=Kindergarten). I am so happy I came across your site and will definitely be adding a selection of your resources to toolkit for next year. I especially love that all of your resources have been tried and tested by kids of the same age – it definitely gives a great insight to what motivates and engages little learners :)

    Thank you so much!
    Nerida :)
    Nerida Gibson recently posted…Fourteen in ’14 Linky PartyMy Profile

    • Anna Geiger says

      You’re very welcome, Nerida – I’m so glad you’re finding things here to help your teaching! It’s such an exciting profession because there’s always more to learn. Enjoy those little ones!

  34. Tracy says

    I just happened on your site and the materials are wonderful…thank you so much! I teach a special education kindergarten and most of these are so appropriate for my little ones. Thank you again and Happy New Year!

  35. Patrick Chan says

    Deeply impressed and amazed for your dedication to help the young learners. I really appreciate your being generous to share your hard work with others. A real role-model!

  36. Gloria Morris says

    Thank you very much for sharing the printable pages and for all the information in your blog. God bless you for your kindness.

  37. The Practical Mom says

    We used the Beginning Sound Picture Mats & Sound covers,excellent practise for my 3 year old! Thanks a ton!


  38. Kim says

    Just wanted to say thank you for making all of this available! We homeschool and your worksheets are a great addition to our curriculum.

  39. Sarah says

    Thanks so much for all these amazing resources, I was wondering how to teach and entertain my 2 year old now that here brother and sister have gone to school, these are terrific!

  40. Justyna says

    Thank you for your hard work! You’re making my job as an English as a Second Language teacher much, much easier!

  41. Karen says

    Thank you so much for making your FABULOUS games, worksheets and more free. I am so excited to work with these materials. Learning here is fun!
    Karen : )

  42. Cynthia Buhagiar says

    I just love this site. Thanks for the lovely resources. I find them really useful both with my kids and with my students. Thanks a lot :-)

  43. tammy tokita says

    Thank you so much for your hard work – it’s amazing!

    I was not able to find the book that was shown on your site ( Can you see the retangle?)
    would you be able to tell me how I can get it?


  44. Sandra Heinrichs says

    I am a kindergarten teacher in a Christian school in Calgary, Canada. I have been copying your emergent readers, ETC.!!!, ALL afternoon. Thank you SO MUCH for blessing others by sharing these wonderful resources.

    • Anna Geiger says

      Hi, Sandra! Thanks so much for your note – it was a real day brightener! I love that people are finding my emergent readers. They’re so fun to make and share. Blessings on your teaching!

  45. Jessica C. says

    I am an inner-city prek teacher and these resources are amazing! Thank you for these great activities, games, and printables:)

  46. Piamporn N. says

    Greeting from Thailand,

    Thank you so much for sharing these amazing resources. This site is a big help for me to teach my 2 year old daughter. I really appreciate your work!

    • Anna Geiger says

      You’re very welcome! It’s so exciting to hear from people on the other side of the world. So glad you’re finding things you can use here. :)

  47. Denise K says

    I stumbled onto your site and it is the answer to my prayers. I have a son in Kindergarten that has A LOT of energy so I know homework is a must. Almost two years ago, I was involved in an auto accident which resulted in a TBI (traumatic brain injury). What I knew before that accident is gone, so I am starting over again. I felt lost, I was not going to be able to provide the help my son needed. But NOT now! Your site will not only help my son but it will help me as well. Thank you for the hard work you have done. I love it all.

    • Anna Geiger says

      Hello, Denise,

      What challenges you’ve been through! I’m so glad you’re finding things here to help both you and your son. Blessings to you both!

  48. Tiffany says

    THANK YOU! I am a kindergarten teacher and a mommy of two boys and our newest addition is our daughter :) My oldest is 6 and in first grade….we have been practicing spelling words and it is always a fight (neither one of us wants to drill and practice after a long day at school!). So thank you for the awesome ideas/materials for both my kindergarten classroom and our home!!! God bless you and thank you once again <3

    • Anna Geiger says

      I’m so glad you can use things here, Tiffany! I know what you mean about kids not wanting to do drill work after a long day at school! I have to make sure my materials are interesting for that very reason. :)

  49. Ann says

    Thanks for all your hard work. This is beautiful site for kids and helping them learn. I teach preschool and these sheets are awesome! And you are giving us use of them for free. Thanks for sharing. It is hard to pick because they are cute and useful! Ann

  50. Sophie says

    Thank you so much for your site, in particular for the Word Study exercises. I’m teaching twin boys how to read/spell, and my regular techniques just weren’t working for one of them. I switched to your Word Study method and everything clicked for him. I’m wondering, though, if you’ll add more lists eventually? With O an U in particular, and then maybe more complex digraphs? It would be VERY appreciated.
    (Please don’t include my email address in my comment).

    • Anna Geiger says

      HI Sophie! No worries – your e-mail address only shows up for me, not for readers. I’m so glad word study is working for your boys! The reason I stopped doing word study on my blog is because my daughter outgrew it. Her spelling ability grew so rapidly that this was not a good use of her time. And since she attends school and this was an after school activity, I couldn’t justify it any longer. I would love to do this sort of thing with my son in the summer (he’s also an advanced speller and is currently in kindergarten), but I just don’t know for sure. Have you bought the Words Their Way book? It has so much helpful information. If you like apps, I highly recommend the Words Their way apps: http://www.themeasuredmom.com/best-spelling-apps-kids/. I’m sorry I can’t help you in this area right now. I think some day I might get to it, but it will probably be too late for you!

      • Sophie says

        Thanks for your reply, Anna. I’ll be sure to check back, as I’m not actually a parent, I’m a teacher and even if the materials come too late for these particular students I’m sure they would help future ones! I’ll check out those apps in the meantime. Thank you!

  51. Katie says

    I thought I down loaded all the short vowel mini readers…. but I ended up only downloading the short a vowel. They were based on word families like at, ap etc. I can’t find them anymore. Is there any way I could get the rest. It is helping a discouraged reader become more confindent.
    thanks, Love your website… Appreciate all you share with us…. Katie

  52. Katrina Daniel says

    I was just introduced to your site and stand in awe of the resources that you are sharing for FREE! How wonderful! Looking forward to making and using many of these in my classroom!

  53. Amy Peterson says

    This site is amazing! A colleague of mine shared it with me and I couldn’t be more pleased. I can’t thank you enough for sharing all of these absolutely wonderful ideas! It is nice to have these great, functional, and ready-to-use ideas right at my fingertips. The ideas that I have used thus far with kiddos have been a BIG hit!

    • Anna Geiger says

      Thank you so much for your encouraging comment, Amy. :) I’m thrilled that your students are enjoying the activities!

  54. Kultalee says

    Dear Anna,
    I’m in Thailand, your ideas, and dedication of your work is really amazing, I’m grateful for what you’ve done. Thank you so much.

    • Anna Geiger says

      It’s so nice to hear from you, Kultalee, all the way from Thailand! I’m so glad you’re finding things you can use here. :)

  55. Sneha says


    I am a pre-k teacher, working for age group 3 to 5.
    I loved your website. Its cool. There’s a lot under one roof. I don’t remember seeing opposite match. Could you forward one to me.


  56. Florencia says

    Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication that helps people, like me, who are not as creative. I absolutely love the Kindergarten checklist. I wish you had a first grade checklist to inform the parents of what areas they need to work on with their child.

    Thank you,

    • Anna Geiger says

      Hello, Florencia!

      That’s an interesting idea… a first grade readiness checklist. I’ll have to think about that one! It’s challenging to write as kids are at SO many different stages of development when they come to first grade. I remember having a first grader who didn’t know all her letters and two students who were reading at a 5th grade level… all in the same class. Obviously the norm is somewhere in the middle. :) I’ll think on it!

  57. Rachel says

    Thank you so much! I am a first year teacher working in a K-2 resource room and your site has been so helpful. I just wish I would have found you sooner.


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