Short e word family activity – Crazy 8’s!

Have you seen my word family printables?  I have a big and growing collection of hands-on printable activities to help kids master the short vowel word families.  Last year I shared short a Word Family Uno. At the request of a reader, I’ve created a game for a different vowel.  In today’s post I’m sharing a short e word family activity – Crazy 8’s!

short e crazy 8's

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Here’s what you’ll need:

short e crazy eights 1

You’ll need to print and cut apart a complete set of Short e Crazy 8 word family cards.  This is a sample page. You can see that each card has a new word from the same word family (this is the –end  family).  Each card is also numbered.  The little notches are to help you when cutting the cards so that they are all about the same size.

The download contains 7 short e word families (end, et, en, ed, ell, ent, and est).  Get it at the end of this post.

short e crazy eights 2

When you print the pages front to back, you will have this label on the back of each card.

short e crazy eights 3

How to Play Short e Crazy 8’s:

1. Shuffle the cards and deal 7 cards to each player.  Flip over one card from the remaining deck.  (Young players may wish to have all their cards flat on the table instead of in their hands.  That’s how my Five played in the above photo.)

2. The first player looks at his hand to see if any of his cards can be played. A card must either match the word family of the upturned card (pen and hen are in the same family) or have the same number.

3. If a player cannot match the card in word family or number, he may play an 8 if he has one.  8’s are “crazy” and can be played at any time.

4. When a player plays a card, he must read the word aloud.

5. If a player has no matching card and no 8, he must draw from the deck until he has a card that he can play.

6. The first player to run out of cards, wins.

short e crazy eights 4

Get your free game by clicking HERE.

Be sure to print pages 2-15 front to back. (Page 1 is my Terms of Use.)  For durable cards, print on cardstock and/or laminate.

Visit my Free Printables page for many more games and activities!


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  1. Heather Carlson says

    Absolutely LOVE this idea! My son LOVES crazy 8’s, and this will be a great way to enhance his phonics work. Thanks so much for sharing!


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