Spell it! — a printable spelling game for any word list (K-3)

I made this bright and colorful printable spelling game to use with my Six.


Even though my Six attends our church’s parochial school, it’s important to me that she learns to spell at her developmental level using a meaningful approach to spelling. So I’m supplementing at home with Word Study.  Be sure to check out my five-part series on Word Study – useful for both homeschooling parents and classroom teachers!

Spell it! - printable spelling game by the measured mom

Directions for Use:

1) Print pages 2-3 of the download (page 1 is my Terms of Use) on white cardstock.

2) Mount the two pieces of paper on colorful construction paper.  Tape in the back.  Then cover with clear contact paper.

OR… if you have access to a large laminator, mount the pieces on construction paper and run the game through!

3) Make your own cards with dimensions a little larger than 2  x 3 inches OR print the blank cards on pages 4-6 of the download.  Write one spelling word on each card.

Directions for Play:

1) You’ll need playing pieces, a die, playing cards, and paper and pencil (optional).

2) Take turns reading the top card to the other player.  The other player must spell the word correctly to be able to roll the die and advance.  Optional: The other speller can write the word and then read the spelling aloud.  This might be the best option for young spellers.

3) The first to reach Finish, wins!

daughter playing spell it game - the measured mom

My daughter and I have played this game several times. I think it’s a winner for younger kids (K-3) because:

1) It’s big and colorful.

2) It’s easy to play.

3) It doesn’t take long.

Initially, I had my daughter spell all the words out loud.  This proved hard for her – even though she can spell most of them correctly on paper, she would mix up the letters when spelling aloud. So I gave her a little notebook to write the words first.

I’m not the type of mom to purposefully let my kids win at games. However, my daughter quickly caught on that I had an unfair advantage in this game. “You spell every word right!” So I decided that when I rolled the numbers 4, 5, or 6 on the die, I would only advance 1, 2, or 3 spaces.  This pacified my daughter!

I hope you can use this game! I’d love to hear from you in the comments if you find it useful.

Get it here: Spell it! (with blank word cards) – the measured mom

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  1. Tara H says

    I love this! Thanks so much! I struggle with being consistent with my boys’ spelling lists so maybe this will help me! :)

    • Anna Geiger says

      Games are always a helpful addition – makes spelling practice much less dreary :). Thanks for stopping by, Tara!

  2. Reidun says

    You could also have separate stacks of cards with harder words for older kids and easier words for younger kids, and use them at the same time. Older kids draw from the harder stack and younger kids draw from the easier stack.


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