Toy Tool Match-up: A Matching Activity for Toddlers

toy tool match-up - #matching activity for #toddlers - the measured mom

If you’re like me, you’ve got way too many toy tools lying around.  If I have to put away one more toy bolt… or is it a nut?  Whatever.  The point is that today I found a good use for these toys  — I turned them into a matching activity for toddlers.

When my older kids were younger I would trace cookie cutters and other common objects onto a blank file folder.  Then they would match the objects to their tracings.  I was reminded of this when I saw this post from Happy Hooligans.  Since we’re learning about the letter T, I decided to make a tool tracing for my Two.

toy tool match-up (1) - the measured mom

First I traced each tool in pencil.  Then I removed the tools and went over the lines with permanent marker.

toy tool match-up (2) - the measured mom

Then my Two matched all the tools to their tracings.  This was very easy for him (he’s almost three).  But his younger brother is just 14 months old, so we don’t quite have a qualified toddler in the house.  This would probably be just right for an older One or young Two.

toy tool match-up (3) - the measured mom

Just a few minutes later, he was done.  He loved this — and if you name the tools as you go (making sure to get the nut/bolt distinction right — I’ve got it now), it’s a great vocabulary builder too.

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  1. annageig says

    Thanks so much for coming by to see it, Jackie! And thanks for the term “theme puzzle” – I have a great name for it now :)

  2. says

    I love this idea! This is just like making a puzzle, but with stuff around the house! What a great idea. I love that you used it for “Letter T”! So much fun!

    • annageig says

      Thank you, Blayne — sometimes the simplest ideas get the most attention! The tricky part, of course, is thinking of them :)


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