When my kids learn to write letters, I start with Letters of All Sizes.  Then I move on to Tracing Letters on Two Lines.  When both of these are easy for them, we move on to these, which are quite a bit more challenging.  You will probably need to show your child how to use the dots as a guide on line three.  Model how to write a letter with just a red dot as a starting point for the last line.

handwriting level 3

Uppercase A’s on Four Lines
Uppercase B’s on Four Lines
Uppercase C’s on Four Lines
Uppercase D’s on Four Lines
Uppercase E’s on Four Lines
Uppercase F’s on Four Lines
Uppercase G’s on Four Lines
Uppercase H’s on Four Lines
Uppercase I’s on Four Lines
Uppercase J’s on Four Lines
Uppercase K’s on Four Lines
Uppercase L’s on Four Lines
Uppercase M’s on Four Lines
Uppercase N’s on Four Lines
Uppercase O’s on Four Lines
Uppercase P’s on Four Lines
Uppercase Q’s on Four Lines
Uppercase R’s on Four Lines
Uppercase S’s on Four Lines
Uppercase T’s on Four Lines
Uppercase U’s on Four Lines
Uppercase V’s on Four Lines
Uppercase W’s on Four Lines
Uppercase X’s on Four Lines
Uppercase Y’s on Four Lines
Uppercase Z’s on Four Lines


    • Anna Geiger says

      Hello! Yes, making lowercase of these is definitely in my plans. But it’s not a top priority. Hopefully by summer!

        • Anna Geiger says

          Thanks, Audra… will try to fit in a letter or two in my “spare” moments so it can be done by summer sometime.

          • Alyssa Leone says

            Do you have the lowercase done yet? I know you said summer but wanted to make sure I didn’t miss them :)

            Also- when will all the Little Letter Books-upper level be completed?

            Thanks so much! Love all your resources!

  1. Anna Geiger says

    Hi Alyssa! No, I don’t have the lowercase done yet, but it IS still on my agenda for summer. Thanks for the reminder. :) For Little Letter Books, do you mean the alphabet books with songs and rhymes? If you do, you are welcome to send me an email message about that. It’s anna@themeasuredmom.com.

  2. nathalie says

    hello i have tried to print the lower case, but it doesn’t work. The big block upper case has worked. Can you help me,

    I enjoy very much your printable. I mainly work with kids with an intellectual deficiency ok high level and these letters are just perfect for them.

    thank you so much for the beautiful ideas, the resorts in french are limited and so is our budget.

    Have a lovely day Nathalie

    • Anna Geiger says

      Nathalie, can you tell me more what you are looking for? Are you looking for the big block lowercase alphabet or the handwriting pages? I can help you when I know where you’re trying to get a printable from.

  3. says

    I cannot thank you enough for this incredible resource! This must have been an enormous undertaking! I couldn’t get my 4 year old into preschool and she’ll be headed to Kindergarten behind most other kids– your ideas are going to get her the boost she needs, so thank you so much!

  4. Sara says

    Dear Anna, hi hope you are doing well, I have just started my practicum at an elementary shcool and I was looking for some useful websites that could help me, then I found yours which made me very impressed that I had to say something which I mostly never do, I think you are such an inspiration, you are truly committed to this website and I personally have never seen someone cares that much to help and reach out to each and every individual that asks for your help,I truly hope that your website always stay this way. please keep the amazing work , sooo looking forward to see more of your great work and have a good day :)

    • Anna Geiger says

      Hi Sara! Thank you so much for your kind note. I hope you’re enjoying your practicum – I remember doing my student teaching in the fall… oh, quite a few years ago now. :) I very much enjoy the work I am doing here, and as long as God gives me time, energy, and resources, I plan to be doing it for many years. So glad to have you following along!

  5. Sergio says


    Thank you for the great resources! Could you please post or email me the link to lower case alphabet on four lines?

    Thank you,


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