Transportation Worksheets for Preschool – 20 free pages of Literacy and Math

So … what do you think about worksheets?  As a teacher, I wasn’t a big fan, and at home I try to do a lot of hands-on activities with my kids.   But occasionally they ask for them.  Last week, my Four was disappointed that all the activity books we’ve been given are out of pages at his level.  He asked for more.  So since I had just bought this transportation clip art from Pink Pueblo, I created a set of transportation worksheets for preschool.

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So, what’s the lowdown on worksheets, anyway?  As a former teacher and now a mom with four kiddos, here’s my opinion:

1) A steady diet of worksheets is bad.  Worksheets don’t really teach.  They assess.  If we’re just giving our kids worksheets, we’re checking to see if they know things we haven’t really taught them.

2) Young kids learn best through exploring and experiencing.   Worksheets don’t allow much of either.

3) The best way to teach kids to read?  Read to them.  The best way to teach kids math?  Let them sort, count, and manipulate real objects.

          And yet… I think it’s a mistake to outlaw worksheets entirely.

4) Worksheets can reinforce skills kids have already learned — identifying letters and beginning sounds, practicing rhyming skills, matching, completing patterns… you get the idea.

5) Worksheets can give helpful fine motor practice as well as give kids the chance to follow directions and follow through on a structured learning activity.

6) Some kids like worksheets.  If it’s what they enjoy, and you’re not skimping on authentic learning experiences, it’s not going to hurt them!

Measured Mom transportation literacy worksheets

In the literacy pack you’ll find

  • 4 beginning sounds worksheets
  • 1 ending sounds worksheet
  • 1 picture / word matching worksheet
  • 1 rhyming worksheet

The worksheets are for different ability levels — ranging from about age 4-6, although your 3-year-old might be ready for some of them.

transportation worksheet kid sample - the measured mom 1097

My kids liked using these dot markers to complete some of the pages.

Get the free literacy pack HERE.

need help downloading

Print in grayscale if you’d like – color isn’t necessary.

Measured Mom transportation math worksheets

In the math pack you’ll find

  • 1 worksheet of counting 1-5 objects
  • 1 worksheet counting 1-10 objects
  • 3 “which picture doesn’t belong?” worksheets (3 levels)
  • 1 “find the biggest” worksheet
  • 1 “find the smallest” worksheet
  • 2 “complete the pattern” worksheets (2 levels)
  • 2 addition worksheets (2 levels)
  • 2 subtraction worksheets (2 levels)

Again, you’ll find that the worksheets are appropriate for different ability levels – from kids in about the age 4-6 range.

transportation worksheet kid sample - the measured mom2098

If you’d like to be able to use some of the worksheets again, you can have your child use magnets to cover the correct answer.

Get the math pack HERE.

need help downloading

Again, print in grayscale if you’d like – color isn’t necessary.

I hope your preschooler or kindergartner enjoys these transportation worksheets!

Find many more free printables…

free printables from the measured mom


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  1. says

    I love your discussion of the pros and cons of worksheets, and I wholeheartedly agree. I, too, create printable worksheets for kids, but I would in no way advocate that printable worksheets be the main focus of learning.

  2. says

    These pages are amazing. My kids love all things car and truck so I am sure they would love learning from a pack like this. I love that you use dot markers and those magnets for the different pages. Sometimes my kids do get sick of dot markers and it is nice to have an alternative.

  3. says

    Wow- thank you so much! I totally agree, worksheets have a time and place.

    My daughter will love the beginning letter sound sheets! And, why have I not thought to use our dot paints for worksheets?! How FUN!

    Thank you so much for sharing. =)

    • annageig says

      So glad to hear it, Renae! I visited your site — what dedicated parents you and your husband are! Blessings to you!

  4. Sheri says

    My kids and I love all of your transportation printables. Thank you so much for these. They are fantastic. Please keep creating more!!!! Also, do you have any transportation handwriting or tracing worksheets? Thanks again.

    • annageig says

      Hello, Sheri! I’m afraid I do NOT have transportation handwriting or tracing worksheets. I love making printables, although worksheets are not something I make a lot of. Some great sites with worksheets by theme are 1+1+1=1, 123homeschool4me, and 3dinosaurs. You might be able to find what you’re looking for there – or they could point you in the right direction!

  5. Sally de Wijn says


    I am trying to download the Transportation Literacy Worksheet Pack, as well as the Printable pattern cards, I am wondering if you can please email these to me. As well as anything else you may think it helpful,

    I am an Occupational Therapist and work with children aged 3 – 8, I love your worksheets and am so glad I found them!!


  6. Mo says

    Thank you so much for your perspective on worksheets. I have a bunch of printable packets and workbooks and was coming to download yours. I have just started K with my oldest son. I haven’t managed to print off many of the sheets I have saved or to get him to do the worksheet books we have. My son hates worksheets so I haven’t been motivated to make him and was feeling very guilty about it! I love looking at them as useful tools for evaluation and not stressing about making him do them regularly for learning Thank you for taking one more “should” off my mom/teacher list! :) (I’m still going to download these, just in case ;))

    • Anna Geiger says

      Yes, I definitely don’t recommend worksheets for kids who don’t like them :) I think it’s valuable to do paper and pencil work at times, but stacks of worksheets don’t have to be the way to accomplish that :) Have a great year teaching kindergarten – I hope you find lots of resources here!

    • Anna Geiger says

      Thanks for commenting, Yesenia! In the future when I make worksheet packs I think I’ll offer them in both color and black and white to make it even simpler. That printer ink gets swallowed up way too quickly!

  7. Jessica says

    I teach preschool and use worksheets like this in plastic pockets so they can be reused. You are so right in that it teacher fine motor skills. Thanks for the cute stuff!!


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