Writing the Alphabet for Preschoolers: the letter W

There are so many ways to practice writing the alphabet for preschoolers.  Pencil and paper is just one way, and sometimes that’s too challenging.  Read on to find a dozen ways we made the letter W!


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The letter W is a tricky letter.  The down-up-down-up motion can be hard to remember.  In this list of ways that we wrote W, I’ll progress from easy to hard.


My kids love to use power magnets to complete these pages from Confessions of a Homeschooler.


My Three used round office stickers to complete this dot sticker page.


To make this easier, I could have had my Three make a W out of wagon wheel pasta without the printed W to work in.  However, I learned right away that he’s not ready for that.  Putting objects within a letter’s shape is a great first step!  You can get my big letter W here: giant letter W.


Next, he filled the W with Wheat Thins.


Filling the letter W with yarn strips required a little more thinking.


My Three loves that he can do these handwriting pages himself by writing within the letters.  You can see that he crossed out the tiny W’s. “Those are too hard for me.”  The idea is to start with the biggest letter and keep writing until you are at the tiny ones.  Some day he’ll be ready for the little ones too. I didn’t print one of these for my Four until he protested. “I want to do one of those too! They’re fun!” You can get all of my Letters of All Sizes worksheets here.


While watching her brothers make the letter W, my Six offered this way.


Here’s another beginning handwriting page. My Four completed this one. You can get it here.


Painting with water is a favorite way to make letters.  My Four made this one.


Writing letters in chocolate pudding is tricky, but delicious!   My Three needed a lot of help, but my Four just needed a quick reminder: down, up, down, up!


My Four made a W out of play dough worms.


Finally, here are my most challenging handwriting pages so far.  You can see that there’s a lot of guidance until the last line, when kids are given just a single dot to begin.  You can get your copy here.

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  1. says

    What a comprehensive list of ways to form the letter “w!” Thanks for sharing. (Still in love with your site. Thanks for all the time you put in to it!)

    • annageig says

      Thank you, Caroline — it consumes all my free time, but I really don’t need TV anyway! I’m thankful to have discovered a passion beyond meal prep and house cleaning :)

  2. says

    I love all these different ideas! We’re working on writing letters now, so these will certainly come in handy. Thanks for sharing!

    • Anna Geiger says

      Well, my four year old does — my three year old is getting there :) Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Rachel says

    Came across this post as I am trying to find a good way to teach my 4 year old brother Walker the letter W . . . Thanks! This will make it fun :)


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