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Well, hello!

My name is Anna Geiger. I’m a former teacher (M.Ed.) and mom of six.

I was a balanced literacy advocate for twenty years. As both a classroom teacher and teacher educator, I promoted three-cueing using leveled texts. (I was sure that decodable books would kill a love of reading.) I taught phonics, but I didn’t use a scope and sequence. I provided very little direct instruction because I was sure it would bore my students.

Fast-forward to 2019, when I began to realize that many of my teaching practices weren’t backed by research. After my initial grieving period, I became Orton-Gillingham certified and earned a Science of Reading graduate certificate. As it turns out, a structured approach isn’t boring after all! In fact, it’s essential for many students and beneficial for all of them.

Ready to learn more about the science of reading so you can reach all readers? You’re in the right place!